Sometimes one source of information is not enough. Here you can find more websites that might help you.

International Offices

All German higher education institutions have International Offices or – in German – Akademische Auslandsämter. They advise and support international students and are often your first point of contact on campus. They also organise events and put you in contact with other international students. 



My GUIDE is a platform of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) that enables international prospective students to find suitable study programmes at German higher education institutions. My GUIDE helps you with your individual path to studying in Germany by displaying exactly the information that is relevant to you personally.



If your university entrance qualification is not sufficient for studying in Germany, you must first attend a  „Studienkolleg“. On the website you will find the contact details of many Studienkollegs in Germany. However, this list is not complete and it may well be that a Studienkolleg near you is not on this list but would be a good choice.