Studying and living in Germany: Offers for refugees

You would like to study in Germany as a refugee? Great! Here you can find further helpful information about studying and living in Germany!

International students taking to each other and learning German © DAAD/Hagenguth
. © DAAD/Hagenguth

Good language skills will help you feel more at home in Germany. Learn the German language via/by:

  • Integration courses
  • Learning German online

Admission and Requirements

Girl looking on a letter and is happy © DAAD/Hagenguth
. © DAAD/Hagenguth

If you are a refugee and wish to study at a German higher education institution, the following options are open to you:

  • Participation in events as a guest student
  • Taster programmes
  • Participation in link programmes or orientation programmes
  • Complementary courses designed specifically for refugees

  • It is also possible to obtain a qualification for admission to higher education if don’t have documentation.
calculator and many notices on a table © DAAD/Hagenguth
. © DAAD/Hagenguth

Various ways to receive financial support during academic studies exist:

  • Fee waivers and higher education institution scholarships
  • Scholarships
  • BAföG (financial assistance)
Guy is exyplaining students something on a tablet © DAAD/Hagenguth
. © DAAD/Hagenguth

Many forms of support exist which you can use free of charge:

  • Educational and legal guidance
  • Topic-related initiatives, mentoring, counselling
  • Map of Germany featuring study offerings at higher education institutions
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