International Programmes and Short Courses

Would you like to study in English? Or are you interested in a degree programme that has an international focus? Search our international programmes database to find the right degree programme for you. Perhaps you want to come to Germany for a short-term stay (a few weeks or a semester) to concentrate on a particular subject area, improve your language skills or get a taste of student life in Germany? In that case, you’ll also find what you’re looking for in our database.

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International Programmes

Would you like to study in English because your German isn’t good enough yet? Maybe you’re interested in completing a degree programme that has particularly good support for international students? Or one that is very international in its content and orientation? No problem – there are more than 1,500 degree programmes for you to choose from if you would like to study in Germany.

What are international programmes?

The database contains bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes which are internationally oriented and accredited. A degree programme is international if:

  • The language of instruction is English (and possibly another foreign language, where applicable) and/or you do not need to have a high level of proficiency in German
  • The degree programme is a double degree programme (i.e. you are awarded a degree from the higher education institution in Germany and also from another higher education institution that jointly offers the degree programme)
  • Specialist or extracurricular support is explicitly offered for international students (e.g. your higher education institution organises welcome weeks or buddy programmes)
  • The degree programme includes specific international elements, e.g. there is a clear international focus throughout the curriculum or semester(s) abroad are part of the degree programme

Good to know!

You’ll also find programmes such as German studies in the database – that’s because some higher education institutions and degree programmes offer particularly good support for international students and the subject matter has an international focus. However, you can also search the database specifically for international degree programmes in English.

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Short courses and language courses – short-term stay

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Would you like to improve your knowledge of German or a specific subject area by spending a short period of time in Germany during your academic studies? Or perhaps you’re not yet quite sure whether you want to study in Germany and would like to get a taste of student life there before making a decision? If so, a short course or a language course could be just the thing for you!

What are short courses?

Short courses are programmes that range from a few days to a maximum of six months. You can take part in a short course during your academic breaks or you can spend a semester abroad.

Short courses concentrate on a specific subject area and are always taught at higher education institutions or research institutes. You can earn ECTS credit points for short courses and these will then count towards your academic studies.

Language course

If you want to learn German or improve your existing language skills, you can attend a language course at a German higher education institution. Language courses vary in length from a few weeks to a full semester.

* Information on the academic year: in Germany, the academic year starts in September/October and is divided into two semesters – the winter semester (usually October 1st - March 31st) and the summer semester (usually April 1st - September 30th). At universities of applied sciences, the semesters typically begin one month earlier. Often the short courses and language courses take place during the academic breaks (winter: February/March; summer: July to October).

Good to know!

Sometimes you might also see the terms ‘summer course’ and ‘winter course’. These are language courses or short courses that mostly take place during the summer semester or winter semester and therefore are named after these seasons.

Online courses

There are also short courses and language courses that can be studied online. To find these, use the ‘Study online’ filter in the database.

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