Wohnheim Otto-Suhr-Straße

Otto-Suhr-Straße 22, 26131 Oldenburg

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Surrounded by greenery, the student residence Otto-Suhr-Str. 22 consists of three houses with separate entrances. The residence offers up to 250 rooms in single or double apartments, as well as one flat-share for four students. Otto-Suhr-Str. 22 offers both partly furnished and fully furnished rooms.
Distance to the university: 2 km
Distance to the university of applied sciences: 2.5 km

Studentenwerk Oldenburg

Studentenwerk Oldenburg

Rent deposit
250 EUR

Duration of housing
The minimum lease is six months, the maximum lease is twelve semesters (= six years).

Internet access

TV connection

Shared facilities
Washing machines and tumble dryers are available to all tenants. A large common room and kitchen is available for socialising. The students themselves run a little bar which can also be rented for private parties.

Shopping and infrastructure (supermarket, post office, bank, etc.)
You will find a supermarket just a few hundred metres away. Other supermarkets, banks, a bakery etc. are located near by.

Special deals for students with children / families
The Studentenwerk operates several day care centres and offers help and information. For details visit

Type of rooms


Additional information
It is not possible to apply for the flat share of four through the Studentenwerk.

There are waiting lists for all rooms and apartments, varying from two months to over a year depending on the individual hall of residence and whether you are applying for a single apartment or a room in a shared flat. Please make sure you have checked the respective waiting time in before applying.

Wohnheim Overbergstraße 15 in Bochum

Upon arrival

Student at the Registration Office

Municipal registration and residence permit

All international students must register at the local Residents' Registration Office - usually within one week.

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Money is withdrawn from an ATM

Bank account

Most banks offer free current accounts for students.

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