Wohnheim Allerheiligenstraße 21

Allerheiligenstraße 21, 99089 Erfurt

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Historic city centre Erfurt, in student house "Engelsburg"
Old building, reconstructed in 1999

Studierendenwerk Thüringen

Studierendenwerk Thüringen

Rent deposit
300 EUR

Duration of housing
For the length of the regular study period, the rental period can be extended on application.

Internet access

TV connection

Shared facilities
Bicycle parking possibility

Special deals for international students
The Studierendenwerk offers a special service for international students: . They will be your first contacts and will help you get settled. For students who are new to Germany, there is also a which could be of interest to them.

Type of rooms


Additional information
The monthly paid rental costs are based on a rental period of at least 1 semester (6 months). For shorter periods of rent (less than a full semester), higher rental costs will be charged for the same room.

Wohnheim Alois-Fuchs-Weg in Paderborn

Upon arrival

Student at the Registration Office

Municipal registration and residence permit

All international students must register at the local Residents' Registration Office - usually within one week.

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Money is withdrawn from an ATM

Bank account

Most banks offer free current accounts for students.

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