Wohnheim Endenicher Allee 17

Endenicher Allee 17, 53115 Bonn

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The building in the Endenicher Allee is located in the Poppelsdorf quarter right next to the cafeteria and close to the natural sciences institutes.

The three-storey house was completed in 1986. It offers 221 single rooms in group accommodation areas as well as 19 double apartments suitable for couples. Two eat-in kitchens are allocated to the group accommodation area, while the double apartments have kitchenettes. Sufficient sanitary facilities are provided.

Studierendenwerk Bonn

Studierendenwerk Bonn

Rent deposit
Tenants are required to pay a deposit before conclusion of the agreement. This always amounts to one-and-a-half to two monthly rents. The deposit is not subject to payment of interest (in compliance with Section 551 (3) of the German Civil Code (§ 551 Abs. 3 BGB)).

Duration of housing
In order to give as many students as possible a chance to rent inexpensively, rental periods in Studentenwerk dorms are limited to six to eight semesters. An extension can only be considered in exceptional cases.

Internet access

TV connection

Shared facilities
Community facilities are available in the dorms. There are washing machines and dryers that can be used for a fee.
There are parking spaces for cars and bikes.

Shopping and infrastructure (supermarket, post office, bank, etc.)
Supermarket is accessible within ten minutes.

Special deals for international students
The Dorm Basic Set is a special offer for students from abroad who are only able to travel with limited luggage to their new home in Germany. The basic equipment "Dorm Basic Set" provides you with basic utensils you will need every day, such as bedding and essential kitchen equipment.

Special deals for students with children / families
The Student Services Bonn operate a total of five child day care centres, one of which is a certified NRW Family Centre. A total of 230 children from the age of four months to school enrolment age are cared for and supported by more than 60 qualified professionals. Children of students and members of the university with the corresponding communal domicile are accepted.

Type of rooms


Additional information
Applications for accommodation are non binding an can be sent without proof of matriculation or admittance to the university.
The applications will be processed on receipt and when new rooms become available.

Wohnheim Endenicher Allee 21 in Bonn

Upon arrival

Student at the Registration Office

Municipal registration and residence permit

All international students must register at the local Residents' Registration Office - usually within one week.

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Money is withdrawn from an ATM

Bank account

Most banks offer free current accounts for students.

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