Wohnheim Homburger Straße 30

Homburger Straße 30, 60486 Frankfurt am Main

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Front building: 22 accommodation places, 5 breakfast kitchens, 1 laundry room, 1 bicycle shed, bicycle parking area in the yard

Building in the back: 6 accommodation places, 1 kitchen with common room, 3 toilets, 2 shower, 1 bicycle shed, bicycle parking area in the yard

Year of construction: 1996

Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main

Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main

Rent deposit
The deposit is two monthly rents.

Duration of housing
The maximum permissible term of residency is four years. The rental contract can be cancelled with eight weeks notice. In event of hardship the maximum permissible term of residency can be extended by a follow-on rental contract.

Internet access

TV connection

Shared facilities
Front building: five breakfast kitchens, laundry room, bicycle shed, bicycle parking area in the yard

Building in the back: one kitchen with common room, three toilets, two showers, bicycle shed, bicycle parking area in the yard

Shopping and infrastructure (supermarket, post office, bank, etc.)
Good shopping facilities are within walking distance.

Special deals for students with children / families
Suitable for students with children or couples.

The Goethe University maintains at every location. The university also offers an handling the issue compatibility of family and studies.

The Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main supports the university with their activities and offers own programmes regarding and childcare for students.

Type of rooms


Additional information
Special services:
Property manager, cleaning of stairwells is arranged. Outside facilities are maintained and cleaned.

A limited number of rooms can be provided to student interns from other universities/institutes. These rooms are available only during semester breaks or due to other organisational reasons. Special fees apply.

Wohnheim Höninger Weg 40, 42, 44 in Köln

Upon arrival

Student at the Registration Office

Municipal registration and residence permit

All international students must register at the local Residents' Registration Office - usually within one week.

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Money is withdrawn from an ATM

Bank account

Most banks offer free current accounts for students.

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