Wohnheim Rohrbacherstraße 110

Rohrbacherstraße 110, 69126 Heidelberg

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The location of this house is not very far away from the historic centre. Completely renovated and furnished in 1999/2001, this facility offers student accommodation at very favourable prices. 159 rooms, all furnished, internet access. Highlights: Music room, bar, roof terrace.

Shops, pubs and bars within walking distance

Year of construction 1968, fundamental conversion in 2000
Four storeys with elevator
Very favourable transportation access

Studierendenwerk Heidelberg

Studierendenwerk Heidelberg

Rent deposit
450 EUR

Duration of housing
The minimum rental period is one semester. Shorter rental periods are not accepted. The residence period is limited so that as many students as possible can find affordable accommodation. This means all rental contracts are temporary, with the basic residence period being 6 semesters. However, you can extend your rental contract by another 6 semesters (12 semesters in total) in the following cases:
- by contributing to the residence (see special functions)
- for disabled or chronically ill students
- for students with families
- if you have an imminent final exam (confirmation needed)

Internet access

TV connection

Shared facilities
Washing machine/dryer, music room, student residence bar, roof terrace
Limited number of parking spaces available, free-of-charge parking stickers available from the janitor, bike parking spaces

Special deals for international students
There are tutors in many Heidelberg student union halls who are responsible for looking after international students. Please find more information .

Special deals for students with children / families
Around 5% of students in Heidelberg are parents. Since the end of the 1960s, the Heidelberg student union has offered all-day childcare to make sure that their children are well looked after whilst their parents are busy concentrating in lectures. Children in Heidelberg receive loving care starting from 8 months to school age; in Heilbronn until they are 3. The amount parents pay monthly is graded, in all daycares, according to gross income. You can find application forms in the InfoCenter, from daycare managers on-site, at nursery management or .

Type of rooms


Additional information
Admission generally proceeds on a first-come first-served basis.
Priority treatment goes to cases of hardship, e.g.: low income, illness or disabilities. A case of hardship must be proven in writing (e.g. disabled person's pass, proof of parental income, BAföG assessment, etc.). Please send documents to the following e-mail address: wohnen@stw.uni-heidelberg.de.
You can find more information and .

Wohnheim Römerstraße 129/131 + 137/139 in Heidelberg

Upon arrival

Student at the Registration Office

Municipal registration and residence permit

All international students must register at the local Residents' Registration Office - usually within one week.

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Money is withdrawn from an ATM

Bank account

Most banks offer free current accounts for students.

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