Studying with a child

a boy playing with soap bubbles
Playing in the university's kindergarten © DAAD/Sophie Nagel

In Germany, it is of course also possible for international students with children to study. In addition to financial support, higher education institutions and student services provide a range of assistance for students with children. Beside you get to know, if your partner can come with you to Germany.


Many higher education institutions in Germany provide nurseries or other childcare facilities which you can use as a student. Your contact for childcare at the higher education institution is student services.


Compulsory education

Compulsory education legislation in Germany stipulates that, if your children are older than six, they must attend school here. State schools are free and have a high standard of education. There are also private and international

a boy playing with toys
Playing in the university's Kindergarten© DAAD/Sophie Nagel

Kinderbetreuung und Unterstützung an der Hochschule


Student services at your higher education institution can answer any questions you may have on managing your academic studies and family life.Higher education institutions sometimes also offer special advice and information services.



Some higher education institutions or their student services provide financial or material support, e.g. basic equipment for newborns or welcome money.Find out here about the options available from student services at your .

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