View of the student city of Brandenburg and the Havel River. © Corinna Schlun
Brandenburg on the Havel© Corinna Schlun

Not far from Berlin lies the charming city of Brandenburg. Thanks to the Havel River and its nearby lakes, the city offers a diverse range of water sports and quiet places to have fun and relax.

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The town of Brandenburg is located in the state of the same name and has much to offer – old churches, a beautiful historic centre and countless parks and greens. Not only do these appeal to students, but also to the many tourists who visit Brandenburg every year.


Brandenburg is especially pretty in the summertime. With the Havel River flowing through the city and numerous greens, you will find lots of quiet spots in Brandenburg to relax, study and learn in the middle of nature.

A thousand years of history await you in the centre of town. The medieval city walls and various churches of modern times are quite beautiful. You should definitely pay a visit to . People often call it the „mother of all Märkisch churches“ which reflects its cultural significance for the region.


The flats located near the university are especially popular. That’s where you’ll find a number of student cafés and bars. It’s also why the rental prices in this area are somewhat higher than in other parts of town.

The rents are cheaper if you live in the outskirts of Brandenburg. The only drawback is that it’s too far to walk or take your bike to the university or into town. But don’t worry – every student receives a „semester ticket“ from the university which allows you to use public transportation for free.

The Studentenwerk offers a wide selection of rooms to students. The prices range between 220 and 270 euros per month. The apartments vary in size: You can either live alone in a one-person flat or move into a flat share (WG) with five flat mates.

When you need to take a break, Brandenburg an der Havel offers a wide range of possibilities. Students like going to the Studentenkeller „IQ“. Not only do they have a dance floor and serve drinks, but they also organise games and bar nights where you can relax and hang out with friends. At the „IQ“ there’s something for everyone.

The General Student Committee () at the University of Applied Sciences organises cultural events as well. Their programme is quite varied. For example, you can sing karaoke, play games or participate in stage readings. AStA offers other popular events and excursions, e.g. outings to a beer brewery, climbing trips and a poker tournament. The annual student ball and the popular Campusfest are big attractions for the university community.

If you ever get cabin fever, simply get on the train. In just 20 minutes, you can reach Potsdam, and in 45 minutes, you’re in Berlin! It’s worth taking a trip to both cities, and with your semester ticket, you can get there quite inexpensively.

The University Sports programme offers a wide range of sports courses. In addition to classical sports like football and handball, you can also try archery or even go climbing and hiking in the Elbsandstein Mountains.

The water sports courses are especially popular. Not only does the Havel flow through Brandenburg, it also connects the three main lakes Beetzsee, Breitlingsee and Plauer See. With so many nice lakes, students can enjoy water recreation throughout the year and during the semester breaks. You can choose sailing, canoeing or dragon boating. The University Sports programme even offers a certification course to get a sports boat license for inland lakes, and the Baltic and coastal waters.

How to find a room in Brandenburg

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