Götzenturm © Nagel/DAAD
Götzenturm© Nagel/DAAD

Heilbronn is located close to some better known cities such as Heidelberg and Stuttgart. The Sontheim campus, about two kilometres away from the centre of town, is relatively new and well-equipped. There you will find everything a student needs in their free time – a flea market, restaurants, parties and captivating lectures.

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Heilbronn is situated about 50 kilometres north of Stuttgart on the Neckar River. The region is often called the “Unterland” as it is lies in a valley surrounded by rolling hills. Heilbronn is a winemaking city, which you will recognise by the expansive vineyards outside of town. It’s also called the “Käthchen City”, named after the main character in the play ““ by Heinrich von Kleist. In fact, you’ll even find the „Käthchen House“, at the marketplace downtown – the oldest building in Heilbronn.

There are a number of other sites downtown worth seeing, such as the city hall, St. Kilian’s Church in Kaiserstrasse, and numerous sculptures and artistic fountains in streets and corners all over town. For example, atop the Götz Tower, formally part of the city’s fortifications of 1392, you’ll discover a figure hanging “Over the Abyss” 30 metres above street level.

The Pottery Market Tower in Sülmerstrasse has become symbol of the resurrection of the city after its destruction in an aerial bombardment on 4 December 1944. Five different German folksongs are played there every day shortly before 11 am and around 7:20 pm (the exact minute when the city was bombed).

Many industrial companies have set up operations in and around the region of Heilbronn due to its well-developed infrastructure with the nearby autobahn, harbour and extensive industrial and dock-railway system. In addition to several logistics companies, Heilbronn is home to suppliers to the automobile industrial, tool and mechanical engineering firms, trading companies and even salt-mining operations.


Heilbronn has everything a student needs. Thanks to its proximity to Stuttgart and Heidelberg, you have good chances of finding internships. The modern „RobertA_Flat student residence hall“ is located in the popular district of Sontheim only two kilometres away from downtown and offers a low-priced alternative to renting a private flat. And being so close to the university, you will find it easier to take part in campus life and come in contact with other students faster, which is very important at the beginning of your studies.

AStA organises a big party once every semester. AStA is a student organisation which helps students with problems and provides information about the programme. In addition to traditional sports, you can also sign up to train for a marathon or take part in a running meet-up on a regular basis. There are also several fitness studios and a swimming pool in town. You can take advantage of concession rates at these and other institutions in town.

On the university’s website, you can find information about numerous student events, such as the “Students Tour“, the „Spring Break Party“ at the club Laube and the „Summer Jam“ im Green Door. Of course, we recommend checking out all of the activities offered on Sontheim campus. For example, Wednesday is “party day” on campus and there are always parties going on at the weekends. If you like electronic music, you should pay a visit to Bukowski.

For moments of deeper reflexion, you might be interested in the university faith group. In addition to regular “Evenings of Silence”, they also hold workshops, film nights and info events with the director of the Alien Registration Office. Are you interested in performing music? The university band meets once a week for rehearsals. There are many other student groups which specialise in everything from business consulting to radio.

On a day when you have no classes, you can take an excursion to the Wartberg Tower, situated on a hill called the Wartberg in the direction of Weinsberg. The tower offers visitors a wonderful view of Heilbronn, Neckarsulm and Hohenlohe in the distance. The Wertwiesenpark is located halfway between Heilbronn and Sontheim where you’ll find Kneipp stations, ponds, barbecue areas, lawns for sunbathers and gardens.

Hungry students usually converge at the student dining hall or grab a sandwich at the Clocks Bar. In the summer, Lehner‘s beer garden is a popular place to enjoy a cold beverage along the Neckar River. In fact, the surrounding area is a nice place to take walks when the weather allows. On hot afternoons, we recommend enjoying a big ice-cream sundae at GelatOne in Sülmer City – very yummy!


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