Bicycle City Oldenburg © Noack/DAAD
Bicycle City Oldenburg© Noack/DAAD

In Oldenburg, every season of the year has a bit of a holiday feeling. The North Sea is just a hop, skip and jump away and numerous canals criss-cross the downtown district. The city and university campus are relatively small, making it easy for you to make friends quickly.

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Oldenburg is situated in the northern part of Germany near in the state of Lower Saxony. From Oldenburg, it’s not very far away to Germany’s western neighbour, the Netherlands.

Oldenburg is considered one of the most business-friendly cities in Germany. In addition to many traditional firms, it has become home to a vibrant creative scene which lends the city a new dynamic spirit. Oldenburg offers an increasing number of recreational activities featuring a mix of culture, nature, tradition and modernity.

You’ll see impressive historic buildings on many streets and corners in town, such as the . This 35-m bell tower is one of the oldest buildings in Oldenburg. The historic building, in which the municipal library is located, is also worth seeing. As you pass the Oldenburger Staatstheater and the city hall, you’ll come to the marketplace where both young and old sit together and chat. Looking around, you can’t miss the impressive , one of the few buildings which survived the massive city fire of 1676 and recently underwent extensive renovation.

The downtown district is encircled by several canals fed by the Hunte River, so there are always places along the water to take a break.

By the way, some say that there are more bicycles in Oldenburg than inhabitants. Hard to believe, right? The fact is that bikes are a great way of getting around town, going to the university, taking excursions to the many lakes and moors in the region, or visiting the city parks.


Oldenburg is a very comfortable, green city. And bikes are the best way of getting around. Some parts of the city are even blocked to traffic and can only be reached on foot or by bike.

Because Oldenburg is relatively small, you will be able meet people quickly. The International Office organises day excursions to a different German city every month, and stages “Game Nights” every Wednesday. They also put on an international dinner once a month, to which every student brings a typical food and beverage from his or her home country.

You should plan a trip to the North Sea on one of your free weekends. Both in the summer and winter, you can take a train to the town of Dangst and enjoy the cool sea breeze. But Oldenburg itself offers water-recreational activities as well. For example, you can take a boat tour through the city and to the edge of the castle gardens via the canals of the Hunte River. In the summer time, many residents spend the day swimming at one of the many lakes in the regions. You should definitely try out the Woldsee!

If you’d like to go out for drinks at night, Wallstrasse is the place to go. There you’ll find numerous bars, restaurants and cafés, as well as many friends and acquaintances from the university. We strongly recommend trying the new beer at the Brauhaus, which goes well with a traditional meal of green cabbage in the autumn.

Cafe Extrablatt is an especially popular spot, and if you’re looking for a place to have a romantic dinner, we recommend reserving a table in the quaint inner courtyard of the Patio restaurant.

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