View of the mountains © Bettina Ruhland
View of the mountains© Bettina Ruhland

Every year at the end of August, the moment finally arrives – the beginning of Rosenheim's "fifth season of the year". By this, we mean the "Rosenheim Herbstfest", one of the largest public festivals in Bavaria. No matter where you are in town, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Alps – a factor that influences the economic life and recreational activities of Rosenheim’s residents.


Every Tuesday at half past seven in the evening, Rosenheim has its moment in the media spotlight. That’s when the “Rosenheim Cops” patrol the streets and fight crime in the TV series of the same name. Rosenheim and its surrounding region is much more, however, than the perfect backdrop of a German crime series. The city located in the Chiemgauer Alpen foothills is a place with many different facets.

Rosenheim is situated near three larger cities: Munich, Salzburg and Innsbruck. The Bavarian capital of Munich, for instance, is only 65 km away which is why so many residents of Rosenheim commute back and forth to Munich every day. According to the European Commission, Rosenheim belongs to the . This region comprises the entire German, Austrian and Italian alpine region, which makes it one of the strongest economic regions of the European Union. A picture-book city that will impress you with its honoured traditions and whose atmosphere has a certain Italian flair.

You can sense the Italian influence at the plazas and squares in town, such as the Max-Josefs-Platz in the historic city centre. There you will notice the beautiful buildings with their pastel-coloured facades and arcades. These lend Rosenheim a great deal of charm. The Max-Josefs-Platz mirrors the vitality and atmosphere of the entire city. Whether it’s a beer at an old-fashioned pub or an aperitif at a modern bar, tradition and progress complement each other perfectly in Rosenheim. You will also find the , the oldest building in Rosenheim and only existing city gate dating back to the Middle Ages.

If you want to take a short break between seminars or just relax after a whirlwind of shopping, you can find a number of places to sit down in the shade in “Mangfall Park”. The park owes its name to Mangfall River, along which it extends for one and a half kilometres. And even here the glorious view of the Alps is yours for the taking.


A former German politician once described Bavaria as something between a “laptop and lederhosen”. What he meant to say was that Bavaria, despite its many technological innovations and economic success, still cultivates its customs and cherishes authenticity. In Rosenheim you will most likely encounter men wearing lederhosen in August during the sixteen-day long Rosenheim Herbstfest. You could say that this festival on the Loreto fair grounds is like the little sister of the world-famous Oktoberfest. Compared to the “Wiesn” in Munich, the Rosenheim Herbstfest is much smaller but is just as much fun, if not more!

The best cultural venue in town is the Lokschuppen Exhibition Centre. In the arc-shaped building, which used to house locomotives, you can attend various temporary exhibitions. The Lokschuppen is renowned for its exhibitions far outside Rosenheim and attracts visitors from all over Germany and Austria.

Because of the city’s location, the residents of Rosenheim have many choices when it comes to recreational activities. You can spend hot summer days at one of the many swimming lakes in the south, for example, the Chiemsee or Simssee. One of the most beautiful and popular lakes is the Happingerausee (no entrance fee). A little further south, you will reach the Alps where you can hike, mountain bike or even go paragliding when the weather’s nice. In just a half an hour, you can be in the middle of the Alps. In the wintertime, you can take a trip there with your friends to go skiing or snowboarding.

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