The Old Market Square in the city centre was built in the 12th century. © Sophie Nagel
The Old Market Square in the city centre was built in the 12th century.© Sophie Nagel

At the south-western corner of the Thuringian Forest, surrounded by woods and meadows, you will find the quiet you need to concentrate fully on your studies. The university in Schmalkalden offers numerous international degree programmes and is highly popular among students for its strong practical orientation.


The town of Schmalkalden is situated in the state of Thuringia close to the Franconian border. This university town with its beautiful half-timbered houses is located near the south-western corner of the Thuringian Forest. The nearby cities of Erfurt, Weimar and Fulda are all about an hour away by car.

Unlike other German cities, about 90 percent of Schmalkalden’s original half-timbered houses from the late Middle Ages still exist, so you can look forward to seeing a lot of beautiful buildings here.

One of the main attractions is the which was built during Renaissance. It lies on a hill overlooking the medieval city centre and was built in 1585 as a second residence of the Hessian landgrave. On account of its original room layout, magnificent murals and stucco work and almost fully preserved garden terraces, Wilhelmburg Castle is widely considered to be an extraordinary “jewel” among Germany’s Renaissances castles.

The St. George City Church is a late Gothic hall church where Martin Luther delivered a sermon in 1537 during the most important congress of the . Luther lived in Schmalkalden in February 1537 which explains why you will find a situated on Lutherplatz. The is located in the centre of town at the Altmarkt (Old Marketplace). We recommend taking a of the old part of town. It’s a great way to learn more about the most prominent historic buildings in Schmalkalden.

Mining was once an important industry in this region. You can learn about the history of mining at the in the Asbach district. The mine was in active operation until 1934 and is now open to visitors and mining enthusiasts. You can also visit an original hammer smith in Asbach which shut down in 1991.


Although Schmalkalden is relatively small, there is quite a bit to discover. Nougat is a “sweet speciality” of the region. At the „Viba Nougat World“ you can attend courses to learn how to make chocolate bars and handmade pralines.

Behind the City Church, you can travel back in time to all the important periods of history – from prehistoric times to the Roman empire to the Napoleonic era to the present day. This is where you’ll find the largest publicly accessible private collection of pewter figurines of its kind in Germany. And at the , you can find out how iron was produced long ago.

Are you interested in summertime movie nights, city festivals, concerts, breakdancing or inline skating? Then check out what’s on at the Kulturverein Villa K. The organisation offers a diverse programme of cultural events and even operates its own café.

The is the only private gallery in southern Thuringia which hosts temporary exhibitions on a regular basis. It is also home to a private art school and the “Kunst heute” art association. The barrel-vaulted cellar and the belle etage are used as venues for musical performances, readings and discussions. If your looking for a charming café downtown, we recommend the “Kawaii” which also sells second-hand books.

The „Thuringian Castle Days“ take place every year at Pentecost. All fourteen castles in the state of Thuringia participate in the theme-based event with concerts, tours and culinary attractions. The also organises numerous parties and cultural evenings to encourage international students to get to know foreign countries and their people.

Do you need some exercise after a long day at the university? The offers a wide range of courses such as ballet, judo, track and field, table tennis and even a week-long ski trip. But you could also just take your bike and head out into the fields and forests, fill your lungs with fresh air and forget about your worries.

How to find a room in Schmalkalden

Many university and college towns have dormitories or student halls, and a room there is often the most affordable accommodation. To obtain a room in a dormitory or student hall, you have to apply to your college or university’s student union (). Our ‘Find Student Hall’ function can be of practical help. You only need to make a few mouse clicks to get to the online application form. Find a room and more information about dormitories and student halls in Schmalkalden.


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