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Want to share your experiences as an international student in Germany, but don’t have time for regular blogging? Then why not write a guest post for our Study in Germany Guest Blog!

by the Editors

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You can choose whatever topic you like. But it must refer to studying and living in Germany. But don’t just think about common experiences relating to the topic of studying and living in Germany. See the bigger picture and feel free to tell people about all those little things that make up your life in Germany: trends, parties, inspiring ideas and much more.


We want to make our blog as attractive as possible to our users. Your contribution can combine the following formats:

  • Text and photo
  • Photo gallery
  • Video
  • Audio – to capture an atmosphere and special sounds. Ideally accompanied by a photo

It is also essential that all formats respect copyright law and privacy rights. Any individual in your photos or videos must sign a so-called model release agreement. When you provide us with files, you automatically transfer the exclusive exploitation rights for this to us.

Time to get started! Here you can access our blog!

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