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Are you planning to attend a summer school in Germany? Would you like to share your experiences and adventures on study-in? Then apply to become a summer school blogger!

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Summer School Blog on Study in Germany

If you’re thinking about attending a summer school this year in Germany and would like to blog about it on study-in, we would love to receive your application!


Your blog should be as entertaining as possible for our users. Therefore, we ask you to create blogposts using the following formats:

  • Text
  • Photo (with caption)
  • Photo gallery (photos with captions)
    • All photos should be in colour and landscape format

It is very important that you respect copyright laws and personal rights for every post you blog. Depending on who or what is depicted, not all photos can be used or published without prior permission. These include public buildings, e.g. inside shots from university buildings, as well as photos and images found on the Internet. Moreover, individuals who are visible in your photos must sign a model release contract. When you upload your files to us, please be aware that you automatically transfer all rights exclusively to us.


You can write your posts in English or German. Please decide on one language and stick to that language in all your posts.

Time frame:

Your posts should cover the entire duration of your stay – from your departure until you return home again.
You should post a blog at least once a week, but you are more than welcome to post more often ;-) Your summer school should last for at least three weeks. We would appreciate it if you posted your blog on the same weekday of every week.


Obviously your blog should be about your experiences at summer school. But you can also write about general topics related to your stay in Germany, for example:

  • What you do in your free time in Germany
  • Your flat and your flatmates
  • Your life in Germany in general
  • The German language/ learning German
  • Cultural differences and highlights

Your blog should encourage other students to attend a summer school in Germany. Therefore, we ask you to make your posts as positive as possible.


We are aware that you are probably in the process of applying to a summer school and aren’t sure if you will attend. Since the time between the confirmation and your departure is quite short, you can still apply to become a summer school blogger right now. As soon as you receive your confirmation from your summer school, simply send us a copy via email. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

In your application, please tell us:

  • To which summer school you have applied and why
  • The exact dates of your course
  • Why you want to attend a summer school in Germany
  • Why you want to become a Summer school blogger for study-in
  • In which language you are planning to blog
  • Whether you have any prior experience as a blogger

Please send your application as a short text (max. 2,000 characters) with a photo of yourself to:

We’re looking forward to receiving your application!

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