Missing or incomplete documents: Rules for missing or incomplete documents

If you wish to study at a German university, you will have to provide proof of your prior academic achievement. If some of your documents are missing or incomplete, there are several ways to verify your previous qualifications. The rules are different in each German state.

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Generally speaking, when you apply for university admission, your application is reviewed in the same way as other international applicants. To gain admission, you have to have a university entrance qualification, the necessary language skills and possibly other qualifications which you may have substantiate with certificates.

Even if you cannot substantiate your past academic achievement because your documents are incomplete or missing, there are ways to study at a German university nonetheless. Each German state and university has different rules regarding this situation:

  • Step-by-step procedure, for example, through personal interviews
  • Entrance examination and/or qualification assessment examination (Feststellungsprüfung) or placement test
  • Case-by-case examination
  • Affirmation in lieu of oath

Please inquire about the exact rules at the International Office at the university where you wish to study. You can find the contact data of all International Offices on the DAAD website.

To find a suitable degree programme and university, we recommend using our database.

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