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On we want to convey an authentic image about life and study in Germany. The editors are putting a lot of effort into their articles to make you imagine what Germany is really like. And who could do any better than our editors who are currently studying at German universities!

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Editorial meeting of © Horschig/DAAD
Editorial meeting of . © Horschig/DAAD
Kristin Putz-Kurth © privat
Kristin Putz-Kurth . © privat

Kristin Putz-Kurth

I am in charge of online communication for the "Study in Germany - Land of ideas" campaign at the DAAD. During my studies in Cologne and Siegen, I have mentored foreign students during their semesters abroad in Germany. My own study and working abroad experiences thaught me the most valuable and important lessons, and I am excited to support students on their “study abroad” adventure with this campaign.

Sophie Apelt © privat
Sophie Apelt . © privat

Sophie Apelt

I grew up in the middle of Germany, in a city called Kassel, but I'm currently doing a Master of television journalism in Hanover. I find film and photography fascinating. Different camera perspectives are especially interesting when you're travelling – camera work arouses your curiosity and it's a great way to learn about new cultures and countries. I prefer exploring new places on foot: it allows me to quickly get my bearings and I can move around much more freely.

Charleen Florijn © privat
Charleen Florijn . © privat

Charleen Florijn

I was born in the Rhineland but I spent a long time in the Münsterland region before moving back to Bonn. I'm currently studying media and communication sciences there. I have a huge passion for travelling. I love spending my holidays in a totally unfamiliar place, exposed to a few new languages and feeling a bit of a culture shock. But I enjoy coming back to Germany just as much – I explain why on the website

Janine Funke © privat
Janine Funke . © privat

Janine Funke

I've become very well acquainted with Germany during my studies. I was born in Dresden, completed my undergraduate studies in Augsburg and Berlin and did my master's in Cambridge. I've also spent a lot of time abroad. I've found that the information I received from "the locals" helped me find an apartment in Germany and abroad easier, discover the best bars and quickly meet new people. As an editor for, this is exactly the kind of information I want to pass on to you!

Jana Glose © privat
Jana Glose . © privat

Jana Glose

After taking my secondary school leaving exams in Bersenbrück, Lower Saxony, and spending a short interim period in Bremen, I went to the North Sea coast to study at university. I'm now in my second year at Wilhelmshaven, where I'm doing a degree in media and journalism. In addition to my degree course I'm training as a journalist and I also work as a freelance editor. When I'm not involved in journalism, I enjoy going to concerts, travelling and meeting up with friends.

Christina Höhnen © privat
Christina Höhnen . © privat

Christina Höhnen

I'm Christina, I was born in 1992 and grew up in a village on the river Mosel near Trier. After taking my secondary school leaving exams, I studied media management in Mittweida, Saxony. I then took a semester abroad in Finland and stayed up north, starting a master's degree programme in digital communications in Hamburg. This has involved reporting on the G20 summit for an online magazine, and I also spent a semester in Manchester. When I'm not relaxing in the sauna, (which I love!), I like painting or listening to podcasts for hours on end.


Sophie Nagel © privat
Sophie Nagel . © privat

Sophie Nagel

From Giessen I followed my own path first to Kiel, then to Milan, Vienna, Berlin, New Zealand, and finally back to Hesse. After studying drama I worked as a roving reporter for a daily newspaper for a while. In that job and on the road it repeatedly struck me how good it is to know local people who can share “insider tips”. That’s why I’m so happy to be exploring Germany for you not just superficially, but in depth. From 2018 on I will also be training as a special needs teacher, which will put me back in touch with life as a student. A student who loves yoga, travelling, discovering other cultures, and good food from around the world.

Bettina Ruhland © privat
Bettina Ruhland . © privat

Bettina Ruhland

I was born and grew up in eastern Bavaria in southern Germany. I completed my bachelor's programme not far there - in Regensburg. Then I headed north to Hannover where I now study Communication Management. As a passionate movie-goer, I devote much of my free time to films. I travel to Italy at least once a year, where you'll find me relaxing on the beach, exploring new cities and trying to improve my Italian. Germany is a country with many different facets and there is plenty to discover. Enjoy yourself!

Florian Schubert © privat
Florian Schubert . © privat

Florian Schubert

I come from the southwestern-most town in Germany on the border to Switzerland. One of my biggest passions is music, which led me to study Japanese Studies in Hamburg. While studying abroad in Japan, Asia became my second home. Another big passion of mine is traveling and discovering foreign countries, their cultures and languages. I enjoy learning languages at university, especially in a Tandem Programme where you not only become acquainted with the foreign student's culture, but also your own. For me, the most typical German things are Milka chocolate and sparkling mineral water.

Johanna Wendel © privat
Johanna Wendel . © privat

Johanna Wendel

I grew up in the quaint little town of Hofheim am Taunus near Frankfurt am Main. My studies have taken me to Bonn where I started my degree programme in Technical Journalism in the winter semester 2012 at the University of Applied Science in Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. After I graduate, I want to go back out into big wide world, even though I know I'll miss Germany very much. I look forward to gaining my first journalistic experience with study-in-germany and getting to know Germany from a different perspective.

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