Health insurance

If you’d like to study in Germany, you have to have health insurance. You will need to present proof of health insurance when you enrol at university and apply for a residence permit. Make sure to take care of your health insurance status before you come to Germany.

Short & Sweet

Anyone who wants to enrol at a German university must have health insurance.

Depending on the country you come from, your health insurance may also be valid in Germany. Find out in good time.

The first thing you should do is to find out whether your health insurance policy in your home country is also valid in Germany.Private domestic and foreign health insurance policies from other countries may also be recognised in Germany. You should inquire about the details with your health insurance provider before leaving home.

Is my health insurance valid in Germany?

If your insurance is recognised

If your (public or private) health insurance policy from your home country is recognised, then you will need confirmation that you are exempted from public health insurance coverage when you . In this case, when you arrive in Germany and before you at your German university, contact a German health insurance provider in your town and have them issue you a letter certifying that you are insured. (It’s a good idea to ask the about which health insurance provider to contact). Bear in mind that once this confirmation is issued, you will no longer be allowed to sign up for German public health insurance for the duration of your studies!

German Health insurance card
German Health insurance card© DAAD/contentküche

Who helps with health insurance?

If your insurance is not recognised

If your health insurance policy from your home country is not recognised in Germany, you will have to sign up for coverage in Germany. A public health insurance policy costs about 110 euros a month until you reach the age of 30 or have completed your 14th subject-related semester at university. After that, the monthly premium jumps to 190 euros or more per month.


You already have health insurance that is recognised in Germany? Then a statutory German health insurance fund must confirm this.

If you need health insurance in Germany, check with your health insurance provider in your home country or with the International Office.