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In preparation to your studies it can be really helpful to atend a language course to improve and consolidate your German skills.

There are various types of language schools in Germany. Not all of them offer the same quality of German course. When making a decision, you should make sure that the language school offers the right course for your level. You can test your German language skills on the . The differentiates between the various levels of competence. It is also important to know whether a recognised German language test can be taken at the language school.

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Basically, you should obtain precise information about the conditions from the language schools before you book a course. Reputable language schools can provide you with detailed information about their courses and the language levels they teach. If a language school is expensive, it does not necessarily mean it is good. There are adult education centres in all major cities. They offer language courses at many different levels that do not cost a lot of money.

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German language skills

The language of instruction at German universities is German in most degree programmes. This is how you can prove your German language skills.

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German Language

A good grasp of the German language will help settling down in Germany.

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