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Student with books© DAAD/Henning Ross

Reason 1: First-Class Education First-Class Education

Studying in Germany is a great way to break into the international labour market. Germany’s higher education institutions are highly regarded globally. Qualifications gained in Germany have a good reputation in companies, too.

Students in the lecture hall
Students in the lecture hall© DAAD/Henning Ross

Learning the Language

You think German is too difficult? Don’t worry if you’re a just beginner. Many study programmes at German universities are offered in English, too.

A Lot of Education for Little Money

Even though education from Germany is among the best in the world, it costs less than in many other countries. In most German states, you do not have to pay any tuition fees at all. You only need to pay a small charge the semester contribution: This payment varies between higher education institutes and is between 100 and 350 euros. At many higher education institutions, it also includes a semester ticket that allows you to use public transport in the region.

Student explains on the laptop
Student explains on the laptop© DAAD/Henning Ross

Reason 2: A Practical Approach A Practical Approach

Student sitting on the window
Student sitting on the window© DAAD/Henning Ross

A Shortcut on your Career Path

Being able to study and gain work experience at the same time is one of the advantages of the German educational system. At universities of applied sciences, theory and practice go hand-in-hand. Some offer dual (work/study) programmes, too. They enable you to acquire extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience at the same time. Some models even offer you the opportunity to gain a bachelor’s degree and vocational qualifications.

World Class

Your Future Career Prospects

Practically-oriented study programmes give you the opportunity to get to know the world of work sooner. You don’t just discover lots about your future career, but you also take your first vocational steps. Where do you go from there? Maybe you want to stay in Germany? After graduating, you can apply for a residence permit, which allows you to stay in Germany for 18 months to find a job. Germany offers plenty of career opportunities. Companies, here, are increasingly on the lookout for new recruits to help build a strong economic future.

Students at the water
Students at the water© DAAD/Henning Ross

Reason 3: Safe Environment Safe Environment

Whether you are in the city or the country, you can travel freely and feel secure. Internationally, Germany is a byword for stability. The same goes for life here. Citizens exercise power over the government via Germany’s parliamentary democracy. Today people trust in fair elections and the rule of law.

After years of division between East and West, the German Democratic Republic (DDR) and the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD) were unified in October 1990. Since then, the entire country has been called the Federal Republic of Germany.

Germany’s turbulent history is seared deep in people’s memories. That’s why they appreciate the security nowadays. As the world’s fourth biggest economy, international relations are also important. Some 10.6 million people from all over the world live in Germany. Cities and villages also offer a safe environment for foreign students.

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Student's selfie© DAAD/Henning Ross

Reason 4: Open Society Open Society

In Germany, you can be, or become, whoever you want to be.

Happy students at the lake
Happy students at the lake© DAAD/Henning Ross

Germany’s Basic Law was introduced in 1949 in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). The fundamental principles enshrined in the constitution are particularly important.

Religious Freedom

The Basic Law guarantees religious freedom, for example, and equality before the law.

Freedom of Expression and the Press:

The freedom of expression is also one of the basic rights. In addition, everyone in Germany has the right to inform themselves from generally accessible sources of information (press freedom).

Colorful, cosmopolitan and diverse:

In Germany, you can be, or become, who you want to be regardless of your sex, your origin, your sexual orientation, your religion or your personal preferences in your free time or at university. Germany will welcome you with open arms – at university, in bars and clubs, museums, cinemas and theaters. Here you can focus on your goals free from worry.

Students in the library
Students in the library© DAAD/Henning Ross

Reason 5: Your Way Your Way

The Home of Innovation

What is best suited to me? The answers to this question are as varied as individuals are themselves. Many study programmes in Germany allow you to pursue your specific interests. It’s up to you.

Two people standing on a balustrade
Two people standing on a balustrade© DAAD/Henning Ross

Germany provides the opportunity to try things out and discover where your strengths lie. Your degree will open up great opportunities on the job market – internationally and in Germany. The economy offers diverse career opportunities that match you and your goals.

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The Ilmenau with the old harbor © Florian Schubert
The Ilmenau with the old harbor© Florian Schubert


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