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Since 1925, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has established itself as one of the largest organisations for the promotion of international exchange.

About the DAAD 

The DAAD is a joint institution of German higher education institutions with the task of promoting academic relations with foreign countries, primarily through the exchange of students and researchers. Its programmes are generally open to all disciplines and all countries and benefit foreigners and Germans alike. Over 230 higher education institutions and 120 student unions are members of the DAAD

In addition, the DAAD supports the international activities of higher education institutions through a range of services. These include information and publication programmes, marketing, advisory and support services and an increasing number of institutional programmes aimed at increasing the internationalisation and worldwide attractiveness of German higher education institutions. Finally, the DAAD plays an advisory role in shaping foreign cultural and education policy, national higher education policy and development policy.

The DAAD aims to bring about change through exchange: new scientific findings help to overcome global challenges, cooperation contributes to political and social progress, and exchange leads to understanding between peoples and individuals.

“Change by Exchange” the motto of the DAAD

Strategy 2025

Supporting potentials, strengthening networks, sharing expertise

This is the DAAD’s main contribution to shaping international academic relations and foreign science policy. The DAAD is well prepared for these tasks. As the internationalisation agency of German higher education institutions, it is continuously developing itself and its fields of work together with the higher education institutions. Thanks to its many and varied activities and programmes, it works systematically towards achieving its goals. The DAAD’s international network forms the basis for this.

The DAAD’s central fields of activity, dedicated to shaping international academic relations and foreign academic policy: 

DAAD headquarters in Bonn with new flags showing the 90-year-anniversary logo
DAAD headquarters in Bonn with new flags showing the 90-year-anniversary logo© Thomas Pankau/DAAD