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For ‘Study in Germany’ we are looking for international students currently living in Germany who want to share their experiences with our community.

Become part of the Study in Germany campaign

In other words – we are looking for students with whom we can work together and feature on our social media profiles, website, and create campaign products and content with. Does that sound interesting to you?

You’re probably asking yourself what this exactly implies. Well, we are seeking people who can enrich the campaign with their own experiences and personal stories. This can be done by different means: You could become the face of ‘Study in Germany’ by taking part in a photoshoot for our campaign posters and pictures and be featured on our channels. In addition, you could write for our blog and/or make videos for our social media channels.

How about it? We’d be happy to hear from you!

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The official campaign by the Federal Government of Germany for Germany as a study location

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