The Roland statue next to Bremen City Hall with the Germany flag. © Bremen Tourist Office
Roland statue© Bremen Tourist Office Open fig caption

Bremen could not be more multifaceted: the city and rural suburbia lie right next to each other. There is a very vibrant student scene, but you won't get lost in overcrowded streets. The river Weser is on your doorstep, each district is full of delightful cafés and there are plenty of cultural activities going on – a city that combines green surroundings with a modern lifestyle.


Not only the local football club „SV Werder Bremen“ is green (or more precisely, green and white), but also the town itself! You’ll find lots of places to spend your free time because the city has numerous parks and its own urban woodland.

Bremen’s most famous citizens are four animals: a donkey, a dog, a cat and a cockerel. Together, they are the Bremer Town Musicians. The bronze statue in front of the town hall recalls the fairytale of the same name by the famous Brothers Grimm. If you’ve read the story, you’ll know that the animals never actually made it to Bremen!

Bremen has a delightful old town. Next to the town hall is the statue of „Roland“, which the people of Bremen are very attached to. It’s a kind of statue of liberty and a symbol of justice and freedom. The „Schnoor district“ is full of tiny alleyways and narrow houses where you’ll find charming restaurants and boutiques. On „Schlachte“, a promenade along the river Weser, you can stroll past shops, cafés and bars while enjoying a view of the river. Small local festivals take place here every year.

A beautiful path with bushes and lots of benches follows the river Weser. This is a great place for a stroll and for watching the moored ships, especially in the evenings. If you’re very quiet, you can hear animals rustling in the bushes. And if you’re lucky, you might even catch sight of a hedgehog scurrying past. You can go on a circular boat trip on the Weser. Whether you opt for a tour of the harbour or take a ferry to Oldenburg or Bremerhaven – there are many ways to get to know northern Germany by water.

The town boasts numerous museums. The showcases media art and paintings from the last 600 years. Right next to the station is the with individual exhibitions dedicated to each continent of the world. Special shows focus on special epochs or unusual traditions from different cultures. So if you’re suddenly hit by an attack of wanderlust or homesickness, this museum is the place to go!


Apartments and rooms in shared accommodation in Bremen are relatively cheap compared to elsewhere in Germany. But if you want to live close to the higher education institutions, you should start looking early enough. Even if you live slightly further outside town, you can get to the city centre or higher education institutions in 10-15 minutes thanks to an excellent train and bus service.

As a student in Bremen, you’re bound to end up in the „Viertel“, a neighbourhood that attracts not just students but also lots of locals. This is where people of all ages and nationalities get together and share a sense of belonging. They spend an evening at their local. Many of the pubs and bars there have a quaint, traditionally Hanseatic flair. From steak house or doner kebab joint to a purely vegan restaurant, Bremen has everything the culinary heart desires, without costing a fortune.

The „Viertel“ is located in the districts of Ostertor and Steintor. Even if Bremen is considered a city – it doesn’t feel like it here.

In Bremen, the city and rural suburbia lie right next to each other. If you need a break from your busy student life, it takes just 20 minutes to walk to the rural Hanseatic countryside from the city centre. Thanks to the many public parks, you’ll find lots of spots in the city to relax and unwind. Two examples are the old dam walls near the main station, or . There’s plenty of space here for jogging and relaxing.

How to find a room in Bremen

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