By the water © Schlun/DAAD
By the water© Schlun/DAAD

Greifswald is a small city with a very homey atmosphere. Not only are you likely to meet your professors and fellows students at the university, but also at the market place, local pub and at the beach. The cultural activities make this quaint Hanseatic town something very special.


59,232 Inhabitants ¹

10,291 Students ²

1 Higher education institution ²


Some may say “You will cry twice when you study in Greifswald – the first time when you move there and the second time when you leave.” At that first moment you arrive, it seems like you’ve fallen off the map! But you’ll immediately find yourself enchanted by the vibrant student atmosphere in this Hanseatic town. And when you’ve finished your studies and leave Greifswald, you’ll find that you’ll sorely miss that familiar flair.

The town is at its prettiest during the summer months. You can take your bike along the Ryck River, and in just about 15 minutes you’ll arrive at the beach in the Eldena district.

Eldena and the neighbouring district of Wieck are among the prettiest quarters of Greifswald. Here you’ll find small houses with thatched roofs – i.e. not your typical red-tiled roofs, but old-fashioned ones made of straw. You can watch the colourful trawlers coming back with fresh fish and see the oldest wooden drawbridge in Germany which has to be cranked open manually. Many of the fisherman sell fish sandwiches right off their boats.


You can finally call Greifswald your home once you’ve spent the entire night dancing at the “Fête de la musique” at the Museumshafen.

But there are many pretty places downtown as well. The Audimax is an impressive building. In some of the lecture halls you’ll still find the old chairs that have been used by students listening to lectures for over a hundred years.



Many students here live in the “Fleischervorstadt” where you’ll find a colourful mix of flat-shares (WGs) and one-person apartments in historic buildings. Because this quarter is so popular, the rental prices are little higher than in the outlying areas. You’ll discover that the rents are lower if you live in the outer districts, like Schönwalde I or Schönwalde II. From there it’s too far to walk into town, so you’ll have to take your bike or the bus. The Studierendenwerk offers rooms and apartments in residence halls both downtown and in the surrounding districts. That’s why the rental prices can be very diverse.

Between seminars, you can find a place to sit down at the Museumshafen and enjoy the nice weather with your friends, for example.

There are several cool nightspots for students in Greifswald, including some student clubs.

If you’re more in the mood for a quiet evening, we recommend taking a seat in one of the pubs in town.



The city hosts several cultural festivals during the year. The presents the cultural diversity of neighbouring Poland, and the enchants visitors with the sights and sounds of Scandinavia.

But the highlight of the year is the “Fête de la musique”, organised by the (GrIStuF). Stages are set up all over town where you listen to concerts of every kind. The festival’s finale takes place at the Museumshafen where everyone dances until dawn.

True to its name, GrIStuf also organises the biannual Greifswalder International Students Festival. Hundreds of international students participate in workshops and events devoted to a specific theme. The week-long festival includes evening events as well, such as concerts, readings and a “running dinner”.

How to find a room in Greifswald

Many university and college towns have dormitories or student halls, and a room there is often the most affordable accommodation. To obtain a room in a dormitory or student hall, you have to apply to your college or university’s student union (). Our ‘Find Student Hall’ function can be of practical help. You only need to make a few mouse clicks to get to the online application form. Find a room and more information about dormitories and student halls in Greifswald.



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