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Iserlohn is located in the rural region of Sauerland near the Ruhr conurbation. Surrounded by woods and nature, this green city is home to two higher education institutions and offers lots of room for relaxation. And in the summer, you can certainly enjoy yourself in Iserlohn’s charming historic city centre.


The geese and their goslings waddle along the shore of the Seiler Lake in Iserlohn. They don’t appear to be bothered by the human visitors who come to enjoy the nature. That’s one side of Iserlohn – surrounded by woods, it’s a quiet, green town, ideal for getting some rest and relaxation. The two higher education institutions in Iserlohn are also situated in the green countryside. The campus of the University of Applied Sciences South Westphalia is situated in a parklike landscape. And the campus of the private University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is located right on the lake.

But only a few hundred metres away, it can get quite loud – especially when the enthusiastic Iserlohn fans root for their ice-hockey team, the “Iserlohn Roosters“. Iserlohn offers you and its approximately 95,000 inhabitants a wonderful mix of big-city attractions and pristine nature.

Iserlohn lies in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Hometown pride is not only evident at those ice-hockey games when the Roosters play, but also every day when you’ll hear the “Westphalia Song” from the bell tower located on the plaza at the end of Unnaer Strasse.

Iserlohn has a cosmopolitan flair – you’ll definitely be welcomed with open arms. You can also take a quick train trip to other multicultural cities in the Rhine-Ruhr region.

Iserlohn’s economy is primarily supported by the service sector and the metal-working industry. Other leading corporations in the pharmaceutical industry and waste-management sector have set up operations here as well.

You can learn more about the region’s manufacturing and industrial past at the near the train station.


Because the town is relatively small, many places are close enough to walk to.

You’ll find a number of quaint cafés and bars downtown. Most of them are located in the narrow and winding side streets.

You can attend concerts, comedy shows and plays at the “Parktheater“ in Iserlohn.

Sports can help you work off your calories. There are numerous opportunities to get some exercise around Seiler Lake – at tennis courts, swimming pools and mini golf.

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