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Zwickau is located in the industrial region of central Germany. Not only is it well-known by car lovers, it’s also popular among tourists and residents alike for its cultural events and historic attractions. If you decide to study in the student town of Zwickau, you’ll find yourself surrounded by green landscapes.


As the centre of Saxony’s automotive industry, Zwickau is a city for car enthusiasts. Although Volkswagen operates modern facilities here today, Zwickau is the birthplace of the famous East German Trabant. The Trabant, or “Trabi” as it’s commonly called, is an iconic symbol of the former GDR. Practically every East German family owned a Trabant until 1989. If you want to learn more about Trabis, you should visit the August Horch Museum.


Zwickau is a green city, located between the western Erzgebirge and the Vogtland. On your way to this Saxon city, you will pass idyllic forests, countless lakes and quaint villages. The best way to reach Zwickau is to take the regional train via one of the larger neighbouring cities. You can visit and within about one and a half hours, and , and are not very far away either.

As you leave the main train station and head towards downtown Zwickau, you’ll see fountains of all shapes and sizes everywhere. Jets of water spray and splash from animal heads and statues, lending the city a unique charm of its own. On your way downtown, you’ll pass the , a large lake surrounded by woods and meadows. Students often come here to relax after a stressful day of classes in the summertime.

When you arrive downtown, you’ll find yourself walking down narrow streets and past Wilhelminian-period buildings until you finally reach the main market square, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of Zwickau’s historic city hall. There are many attractions located nearby, for example, the birthplace of the composer Robert Schumann and St. Mary’s Cathedral. Here on the marketplace you’ll also discover the Gewandhaus, a theatre where you can watch plays or listen to the music of Robert Schumann.


When you need a breather from academic life, you’ll find that Zwickau offers many places to rest and relax. In addition to the Schwanenteich, the banks of the Zwickauer Mulde provide plenty of space to stretch your legs. You can take an extended cycling tour through the woods around Zwickau or go on an excursion to one of the nearby lakes.

On warm summer evenings, you can meet up with German and international students at barbecues which are regularly held behind the student residence hall in the centre of town. And when the weather turns cooler, there are many inviting restaurants and bars on the main marketplace.

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