Fact Sheet

First name: Tien
Country of origin: Vietnam
Year of birth: 2000
Field of study: German language
German university: considering
University location: Tbd
Type of stay: to earn a German Language Certificate
I have been writing for the blog since: February 2023
My hobbies and interests: Photography, aromatherapy, calligraphy, and nature

About Tien

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude towards all of you who have spent your valuable time reading and being curious about my contents regarding academic and real life in Germany. It is such an honor for me to write and share with you about my journey to and in Germany!

My name is Tien Pham. I am originally from Bien Hoa city, which is located in southern Vietnam. However, I have been studying in the United States since 2018 and expecting to earn my Bachelor degree in June 2023. I called myself an ‘integrative’ girl that indicates the ‘golden mean’ in philosophy. In other words, I try to maintain a rational balance in
multiple aspects of my life. I adopted both traditional and contemporary perspectives. In addition, I am a huge fan of science, especially health science; on the other hand, I never forget to enlighten the other half of my brain with creative artistic activities such as aromatherapy, photography, calligraphy, and some forms of dancing.

At the moment, I am going to attend a short-term German course in order to improve my German skills as well as get used to the new cultural environment. The course is managed by Zentrum fur Deutsche Sprache und Kultur gGmbH- Tandem Frankfurt E.V which is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Besides, I am also considering applying for a Master program in either Frankfurt or Wurzburg. The decision making process is still in progress and I will keep you all posted as soon as possible!

It is so delightful for me to share my personal experiences and perspectives about the journey before, and during the stay in Germany. I hope that you will enjoy my writing and look forward to hearing your thoughts as well. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful day!

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View of "Schloss Wilhelmshöhe", in front a lush green garden
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