Best of both worlds!

So, you’ve found yourself in Germany, but not in a big city like Frankfurt, you’re in Darmstadt, a small city that’s not too big, not too small – just right. Imagine living in a place where you can enjoy the charm of a cosy town while having the impressive metropolis of Frankfurt just 15 minutes away. Welcome to life in Darmstadt, where you get the best of both worlds!


I will be honest with you; Darmstadt is not the most beautiful city in Germany. But I love to walk around the city and try to discover new stores, and new restaurants, and see what people look like. We have some nice parks and nice lakes, and I already talked about the forest next to my house! The pace of life is calm, and there’s a certain tranquillity that covers the city.

Famous building in Darmstadt
Famous building in Darmstadt© Amelia


Now, let’s talk about Frankfurt. If Darmstadt is the cosy living room, Frankfurt is the vibrant, bustling playground. Just a short train ride away, Frankfurt offers a contrast to Darmstadt. There are skyscrapers all around the city, there are so many stores, there are so many different people and so many different restaurants to choose from.

Frankfurt is known for being the capital of finance, but you can also find good art and culture there! Not to talk about the Christmas markets that go through the city!

So, it is the right place to go when you are feeling bored or if you are seeking excitement.

Frankfurt am Main at night
Frankfurt am Main at night© Sifat

Student life

Darmstadt has a lot of students! Of course, Frankfurt also does, but it’s easier to find someone who is studying at your university in Darmstadt. And something funny that can happen is meeting people who already know your friends! So, it’s kind of like a community where we get to know a lot of people. And even though it’s a considerate small city, there are a lot of student events and activities happening!

We can find some cosy and calm places to study too, because most of the time, the libraries are full since there are so many students in the city.

Festival in Darmstadt
Festival in Darmstadt© Elisa


So yeah, I find it nice to live in Darmstadt and just have Frankfurt 15 min away from here. Sometimes I just want to walk around Darmstadt, where there are not as many people as in Frankfurt. Sometimes I just want to go to Frankfurt so I can do something different, see different people and have other experiences.

I have lived in Germany only for one year now, and I feel that coming to Darmstadt first was a good choice, where I can get familiar with the German culture, and German habits and not dive right away to a big city like Frankfurt or Berlin. But I feel that in the future I wouldn’t mind living in a big city too. Maybe I would like to live in the rush and excitement of a big city over the week and then unwind on a small trip to a small city on the weekend, who knows?

There are still so many things to explore in Germany, and I can’t wait!

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