The cold

When thinking of studying in Germany, cold weather can be one of the negative points of moving. You think you won’t feel your feet, the skin is dry, you can slip on the ice on the floor, and you hate everyone around you. What if I tell you that you can fight the negativity of the cold weather and the feeling that it brings?

I am from Portugal, and it’s known for its sunny and warm days, but more than that, I am from an island that is closer to Africa than to the mainland of my country, and that says a lot about our weather. Of course, we feel cold there, but it lasts for two weeks, and the minimum is 15 degrees.

For me, feeling hot for 22 years was enough! I was dreaming of the cold, of wearing gloves and beanies, playing with snow, and just wearing a nice jacket!

My first time in Germany

My first time in Germany dealing with cold was smooth. Yes, I felt cold, but I was enjoying it. I was wearing my nice warm clothes, and I did not mind not feeling my feet most of the time. This was last year. After feeling German cold, going back to the island, and then coming back to Germany I understood I love warmth. I love the sun, and I miss it every day when it’s cloudy and freezing.

But it doesn’t mean that I can’t deal with the cold anymore or that I hate it. When I discovered that I prefer the warmth (what a shock, an island girl prefers the heat), I decided that I needed to do something to continue living in Germany, so I did my investigation, I tried different things, and I broke some of my old habits.

For me, feeling hot for 22 years was enough! I was dreaming of the cold, of wearing gloves and beanies, playing with snow, and just wearing a nice jacket!


My investigation and some tips

I understood that I don’t spend so much time out of buildings or transports, so I just needed to fight my way to places and the secret is in the clothes! I know everyone says it, but it is actually what saves me, so here are some more tips:

  1. My mom says that the best way to keep yourself warm is to keep your feet and hands well-heated. So, nice gloves are essential.
  2. And nice socks! Wool socks are the best for me, and the ones that normally say “heat” and has flame. Normally, they are hot, and I just need to use two pairs when I use them.
  3. But nice socks won’t matter as much if you have very thin shoes. I love sneakers, and I just had sneakers until last year, but I decided to put my feet first, and now I have some winter boots. They are not the most stylish boots, but they keep my feet warm.
  4. I know you must have heard this before, but layers. I normally wear this shirt called „second skin,“ and it is pretty good. Also, leggings underneath the pants make a huge difference!
  5. Hot drinks in a thermal bottle. I used to have warm tea in my bottle, and it helped.
  6. Take vitamin D! I read that it can take a few months until it starts to make a difference, so start taking it before winter.
  7. Plan things with your friends! Go to the cinema, to laser tag, to museums, and to malls. Go study together in a cozy café; don’t make yourself fall into loneliness; or even… go play with the snow!! It would make the cold much worse!

Don’t let the cold stop you

I hope the cold is not a negative point anymore on your list; we can always get around problems like this and make the best of them! Keep yourself warm, distracted, and healthy!
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