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One of the advantages of studying in Germany is the opportunity to get a job at the given university. Taking advantage of those opportunities, in 2021 I started working in the marketing and communication department of the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, and I am still working at what we call our small number Film-Team. We are busy covering interesting events of the university. At first glance, we mainly cover dry information about our university, distribute official messages, but our function is not that at all.

A student working with the camera.
A student working with the camera.© LiLit

Our team is built to generate creative ideas. For example, making a commercial about this or that faculty so that students seeing it on social networks, get interested and want to study at our university.

Our university includes many specialties, and the emphasis is on the development of the latest technologies, so there are many interesting events of various kinds. In the era of TikTok, we try to make our coverage even more interesting, not to bore our audience following on the Internet.

That’s why various types of quests, quizzes, which our team organizes in online social networks, are in great demand. We try to always be creative: For example, we upload an interesting article or thematic video every day within the framework of the Christmas calendar.

Cheerful, light context is much more interesting to young people than dry and voluminous information.

Journalism education and journalistic activities help me a lot in this work, but work in a Film-Team is quite different. If, as a classic political journalist, you are trying to raise issues, then within the framework of the university’s film team, we provide information and entertainment. Cheerful, light context is much more interesting to young people than dry and voluminous information.

Since our university has a film production department in the Faculty of Media Informatics, therefore almost all our members are from that faculty. Naturally, in addition to interesting ideas, you also need skills, such as video editing, camera shooting, photography, lighting techniques, etc.

Two people sit on a sofa and are filmed by a camera.
Two people sit on a sofa and are filmed by a camera.© LiLit

At first glance, the work we do may seem very easy, but a lot of effort and work is hidden under that one video or publication. We regularly organize brainstorms, meet with our manager. For each shooting, it is necessary to agree in advance who wants to appear in the shot and who does not.

After the shoot, post-production follows, the video must be edited and finalized As our university is very friendly towards foreign students, foreign students are always welcome in our film team. You can also study at our university, and maybe you too will appear in our team.

A man stands behind a film camera and films.
A man stands behind a film camera and films.© LiLit

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