Fact Sheet

First name: LiLit
Country of origin: Armenia
Year of birth: 1987
Field of study: Media informatics, film production
German university: Hochschule Flensburg
University location: Flensburg
Type of stay: Masters
I have been writing for the blog since: August 2022
My hobbies and interests: water sports, cycling, digital painting and 2D Animation

About Lilit

I am Lilit from Armenia, I graduated from the Faculty of Journalism in Armenia with a master’s degree and worked as a political journalist. In 2015 with my 12 colleagues working in different media outlets I have created “Protection of journalist’s rights“ initiative which aimed to document the cases of violence against journalists and to protect their rights connected with their professional activity. Having liberal views, I decided to move to Germany, and now I study at Hochschule Flensburg (Department of Media Informatics, Film Production). During my studies, I worked in various university initiatives, from the information department of the university to assistant professor. I was a student assistant in Europa-University Flensburg and within the framework of the ProRef program I helped refugees to enter the university. Now, along with my studies, I am working in a refugee shelter as a mediator of speech and culture for Ukrainian refugees. In my free time I like water sports, cycling, digital painting and 2D Animation. In the future, I plan to make documentaries on various types of discrimination problems and right-wing extremism. 

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