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5 advantages of being a student in Germany

One of the advantages of studying in Germany is quality education, the prospect of becoming a specialist in demand in the international work market. Today I will also talk about the advantages that student status in Germany gives you, which people who want to study in Germany know little about.

Affordable and quality education

The number one advantage of being a student in Germany is that education here is very affordable. There are mostly payments of up to 300 euros for the semester, which are directed towards the student’s needs (to obtain a semester ticket and to the student support organization on campus called AStA). Importantly, tuition is also affordable for international students. Such exceptional antiquity is allowed by several European countries. Education in European and American universities for a foreign student can cost several tens of thousands of euros per year, not including accommodation and daily expenses. Unfortunately, education in Armenia is paid, I also paid for my education, which was ten times higher than the average salary established in the Republic, which was a big financial burden for both my parents and me. In short, if you want to get affordable quality international education, come to Germany.

Work and not be taxed

Germany allows students, regardless of citizenship, to work up and not be taxed. How many hours you can work tax-free depends on which country you arrived in Germany from. The students have the opportunity to earn much more money, not to be taxed and to improve their financial situation. This benefit is especially important for foreign students, who do not qualify for student loan BAföG.  I’ve been using this feature since the first semester and now continue to work. And one nice bonus. German universities hire students themselves, which is an impossible practice in Armenia, for example. In general, it is very difficult for a student to find a job in Armenia, many employers not agree to hire you, but here in Germany, at every turn, you will meet an announcement that they are looking for a student for a work.

Woman concentrated at work at a desk. One sees a computer, stacks of paper and many notes.
A woman sits at a desk and works with concentration. You see a computer, stacks of paper and lots of notes.© Lilit

Free travel in your Bundesland with your Semester Ticket

If you are a student in Germany, you can get a student semester ticket and travel within the borders of your federal state (Bundesland) for free during the semester. The semester ticket itself is not free, at the beginning of each semester each student pays a semester fee, which includes the Semester ticket. Such an advantage allows you to save a lot of money, because public transport ticket prices in Germany are very expensive, even compared to neighboring European countries. For example, I use public transport every day, on weekends I sometimes travel around the Bundestag, If I were to calculate how much I save a year, it would be more than 1000 euros․

A woman sits on a train. She wears sunglasses and headphones.
A woman sits on a train. She wears sunglasses and headphones.© Lilit

Affordable hostels/dormitory for students

Since Germany is a welfare state, it takes care of the needs of every class of society, and students are no exception. German universities have student dormitories on campus that are only rented out to students. Depending on the room size and amenities, room rent starts from 225 EUR to 350 EUR (the price refer to student dormitories in Flensburg). The student is exempted from paying utility bills and internet subscription fee. The rooms are mostly furnished and the kitchen and bathroom are for shared use. There are free parking spaces and bicycle parking spaces in the area of ​​campus dormitories, and there is even a special kindergarten for students‘ children. I have no personal experience of living in a dormitory, but many of my student friends live there and are very satisfied. In the student dormitories, we organize a lot of parties, during which students from neighboring rooms join us, whom you did not know before. Life in student dormitories is full of acquaintances, pleasant moments and unforgettable parties.

SALE for students

Because I love shopping, I can’t miss student discounts. In addition to the benefits listed above, there are many discounts for students in Germany. From theater tickets to clothing brands, they provide students with pretty affordable discounts. Even some hair salons have special student price lists, computer and phone brands also discount their products if you’re a student. Some clothing brands give tangible discounts to students.  It is also important that you get the computer software packages you need for your studies for free or at a great discount. To be honest, at first I was embarrassed – but there’s no need to be embarassed at all.

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Hello Mrs Lilit. I am from Iran Tehran- and i have completed my Master in AI in Isfahan University of Technology. i love to study and work in computer engineering . i am looking for education in Germany but with out tuition fees. i look forward to hear you. Thank you Mohammad Golnazari cherkenlo

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Hi Mohammad, to get started, you should definitely take a look at the My GUIDE page 👉 https://www.myguide.de/en/ – there you will find a lot of information on various subjects that you can study in Germany. If you have general questions, you will most likely find an answer in our guideline on 👉 http://www.study-in-germany.de/en/plan-your-studies/steps/. It is great that you want to work in Germany, but then you might rather look at other websites. For more information about working in Germany, please visit 👉 http://www.make-it-in-germany.com/en. If you have any further questions, you should probably contact us by email using our contact form 👉 https://www.study-in-germany.de/en/get-in-touch/contact/. We’ll be happy to help you! Best wishes, Your Study in Germany-Team 👋🇩🇪

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A great article for foreign students!!

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I like your way of expression

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this was quite informative

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