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One day trip to Lichtenstein Castle (Baden-Wuerttemberg)

As the summer is approaching, Germany embraces itself in a vibrant green appearance. With the 49 Euro Ticket, I believe you're just as thrilled as I am to discover the wonderful destinations that await us in the country. If you have the chance to visit Baden-Wuerttemberg state, I highly recommend you to have a one-day trip to the fairy-tale-like Lichtenstein castle.

What to expect

Located in the Swabia region of Southern Germany, the stunning new castle was inspired by a novel of the same name. The novel “Lichtenstein”, written by Wilhelm Hauff, is translated as a bright stone in English.

Lichtenstein Castle
Lichtenstein Castle©Thư

The paths maybe narrow in some parts. Besides, there are small rocks along the path sometimes, but the hike is not difficult in general (Even if I don’t hike often, I could still manage it). Furthermore, embarking on this hiking adventure, I found myself lost in a magical story. The greenery, beautiful sceneries, and fresh air made me feel not only relaxed but also connected to nature. 

Embarking on this hiking adventure, I found myself lost in a magical story.


Lichtenstein Castle's entrance via a bridge
Lichtenstein Castle©Thư

Initially, we planned to have breakfast in Honau before our hike. However, the town is pretty small and we couldn’t find any coffee/ bakery shop nearby. Therefore, I suggest that you should bring some snacks or have breakfast in Stuttgart/ Reutlingen before going to Honau. After reaching the top of the hill, we felt like we’re on nine cloud when we saw a small restaurant. Undoubtedly, a delicious brunch with crepes and coffee is definitely a nice reward after a long hike.

Nevertheless, our best reward is to enjoy the beauty of the majestic Lichtenstein castle. Situated on a hilltop, Lichtenstein Castle stands like a fairytale dream with its stunning towers. The castle offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding forests and rolling hills. It costs €4 to visit the garden of the castle (€3 if you bring your student card with you). For €12, you can explore the enchanting interior of the castle.

The greenery, beautiful sceneries, and fresh air made me feel not only relaxed but also connected to nature. 


Lichtenstein Castle from afar.
Lichtenstein Castle©Thư

How to get there

For the ones who are seeking adventure & a bit of exercise:

  • Take the train from Stuggart to Reutlingen.
  • Then, take the bus from Reutlingen to Honau, Liechtenstein (Württ). It takes 1.5 hours by public transport and another hour (more or less depending on your level) to walk from the bus station to the castle.

For the ones who want to discover the castle without hiking (note that you can only travel this way on Sundays & public holidays since the buses only operate these days):

  • Take the train from Stuggart to Reutlingen.
  • Afterward, take the bus from Reutlingen to Schloß Lichtenstein, Lichtenstein (Württ) (you might need to transit once). It takes around two hours from Stuggart to get to the castle this way & the bus stop is at the parking area next to the castle, so no hiking is needed.

All mentioned trains & buses are included in the 49 Euro Ticket & the schedule is available on DB App. If there are follow-up questions, feel free to ask me on my Instagram:

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