Bavaria, being the culturally and historically richest state in Germany, makes it a tourist spot for many. One of the perks of living in the center of Bavaria is that it provides you with the opportunity to travel to historical cities just within a few hours. Some of the cities can be explored in a single day as well, which makes it very convenient for students. You can keep your weekends for short travel trips around Bavaria very easily. In this blog post, I shall give you some of my hacks to travel conveniently.

This blog post tends to jot down some points that you must keep in mind to make your travel within Bavaria an affordable and enjoyable one:

1. Bayern Ticket
One of the best things about traveling in Germany is the regional tickets they offer. You can buy a Bayern ticket which costs only 25 € for one person and you can travel within the entire region. The ticket is valid for 24 hours and can be used as many times as you wish on the trains, and bahns if the travel is within Bavaria. The price of the ticket reduces when more than one person travels. Isn’t that great to go sightseeing in the cities nearby?

2. Hostel or Hotel?
Another hack I would like to share is that always book a hostel when you travel for a night or two. There are many advantages to it. The first being, you meet new people who are also solo travelers. They, too, are always looking for someone to tag along on their tourism journey. So that’s an exciting way of roaming the city you wish to explore. Secondly, if you are a solo traveler, you never have to worry about who will take your picture. You will have that someone. Thirdly, they are very cheap. You can find them as low as € 10 per night. I recommend using for this. Fourth, a hostel stay is fun in itself and should definitely be experienced!

3. Create a small map
This is my most favorite hobby when I intend to travel. I always put down a map on a paper. By this map, I mean write down all the places you want to see on a piece of paper (in an ascending order). The places should be placed in such a way that you define a walking route for yourself!
At moments, you know what places you want to see, but you are not sure how to reach those places because a new city and new language can overwhelm you. The first step should be writing all the places to visit. Then use google maps to see where they are located. Once you find the locations, simply jot down the nearest places and visit them with ease! Writing them down will help you remember where you have to go, and the directions will help you with which place to see first and so forth.

And lastly, have fun while you’re at it! Even if you find yourself lost, do not worry! You will always find your way around. Where’s the fun in traveling if you don’t lose your way once in a while 😊

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Travel is real, but sometimes we can say that other types of travel are dangerous and sometimes you will be amazed to go like this in BAVARIA. At our age, we should be doing or where we go so that the enjoyment still and we feel while we are still alive, you are amazing when you ride it, Underground trains might be the quickest way to get from place to place, but trams and buses offer a far more pleasant, what is this flight to heaven, you feel like you will deliver it to the Lord, isn't it?

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I like this Blog I think so this will be best information for me and all travelers. I will share this blog with my friends after enjoying tour from chicago.

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Sounds like a wonderful adventure! Bavaria is indeed a treasure trove of history and culture. Your tips for affordable and enjoyable travel are very helpful. Looking forward to hearing more about the Bayern Ticket and other travel hacks you have to share.

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