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To the north of Thuringia province, there is mountain called „Kickelhahn“. It is the highest peak in the near by region and situated in the city of Ilmenau, which is also a hill station for tourists. Ilmenau is not only famous for its natural landscapes but it is also a University town because there is a German public university, „Ilmenau University of Technology“.

Germany is known for its quality education and of course student have some tough competition against each other for grades. Every student wants to pass the semester with good grades. I started my post graduate studies in Germany last year in 2022, where I experience a lot of new and interesting things. Staying in city of Ilmenau, Germany is really peaceful and it would keep you near to the nature and some really good landscapes.

In my third week in Germany, something interesting came up: to climb a special mountain called Kickelhahn to do well in my studies. At first, I thought it was a joke, but then I learned it’s a famous thing to do here in Ilmenau.

Curious, I looked into why people do this climb. It turns out, it’s not just about the mountain, but also about learning and growing. As I get ready for this adventure, I feel like I’m joining a long line of people who have done the same before me, all part of a special story in Ilmenau.

Umar Khalid

The Journey Begins…

As I set out for my exciting hike to Kickelhahn, the sky played a game of snowflakes and dark clouds. Dressed in my long snow shoes and bundled up in three layers of clothing – two for warmth and one to keep dry from the snow – I even added a cap and gloves, a rare sight for me. It was like I was getting ready for a mysterious journey.

With a heart full of anticipation, I looked up at the mountain. At first, the idea of climbing it seemed really tough, almost impossible against the snowy backdrop. But something inside me urged me forward, step by step, revealing a remarkable adventure.

The forest that surrounded me was thick and covered in a blanket of white snow. It felt both scary and enchanting, like a scene from a magical storybook. Despite the mixed emotions, I continued on, determined to reach my goal.

Time seemed to slip away as I walked for about 45 minutes. Then, suddenly, there it was – the tall tower of Kickelhahn. A rush of triumph flooded through me, as if I had just conquered the whole world. The view from the top was like a breathtaking painting, a masterpiece of nature. Yet, the feelings inside me were too strong for words to describe.

Having seen the beauty of nature back in Pakistan, I thought I had seen it all. But these foreign mountains had a different kind of charm, something that momentarily made me forget about every other beautiful place. I stood there, a mix of humility and excitement, feeling like I had become a part of something much bigger. As I made my way down from Kicklehahn, I carried with me not just memories, but a sense of connection to the mountains that will stay with me forever.

The Conclusion…

A month after that memorable trip, the time arrived for my exams. It was my first experience taking exams in Germany, and I felt a mix of nervousness and excitement. Handling five modules seemed like a challenge, but I pushed through.

Navigating the unfamiliar exam formats and academic expectations, I managed to overcome the hurdles. When the results came out, I was relieved and thrilled to see that I had successfully passed all five modules.

While I attribute my success to hard work, a thought crossed my mind. I couldn’t help but wonder if the determination I gained from conquering Kickelhahn had played a role in my achievements. Whether it was a touch of Kickelhahn’s magic or my own dedication, this experience showed me the power of perseverance and the satisfaction of accomplishing goals.

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Such an incredible story! After reading your post, I definitely got the feeling that I want to visit Kickelhahn one day. We have a similar tower in Marburg, which is called Spiegelslustturm. It is also not so easy to reach this tower. But I am sure that you will like it very much.

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Very well written. Reminds me of my exam days.

written by Pavel Chatterjee created on

What an incredible adventure you've embarked on! Your mountain hike journey in Germany is not only captivating but also carries this fascinating myth about passing semesters. It adds an element of mystery and motivation to the whole experience. I'd love to hear more about your personal encounters on similar journeys and if you believe in the myth yourself. Thanks for sharing this unique and inspiring story!

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