One of the reasons we move is the possibility of starting again. The knowledge that you can reinvent yourself and build your own path. For international students, change is a given.


When we move, we are aware that we are facing change, knowing that everything will be different. Although this can be frightening, we remember how exciting it all is.

You have the chance to study in a new city, in an open country that offers you opportunities to grow as a person and to develop in your career. You can take up new sports, new activities, and new hobbies that you would not have considered before, because of course like the space you live in, your interests can also change. Finally, and most importantly, you meet new people who will become your best human beings.

Leaving home in a sense involves a sort of second birth in which we give birth to ourselves.

Robert Neely Bellah

Reinvent yourself

Living in a new place allows us to grow as people.
It is not only our address that changes, but also the possibilities offered to us.
Since I moved here, I have tried at least 3 different sports that I had never done before, mainly due to the lack of availability of such courses.
Starting these activities on my own pushed me out of my comfort zone, because I feared the idea of starting something in a country that was not my own. But I must tell you that, this fear remained for 5 minutes the first time, I never heard that voice that made me feel scared again, in fact now I am always excited about starting something new.
I am surrounded by a community of students who share the same needs, dreams, and goals; therefore, I realized that there was no reason to be afraid.
This aspect is important to me because using my time doing what I like makes me feel like slowly the city that was once just a foreign name is now my home. That place where I can be who I am and do what I love.


I would be lying if I said that this is not the key factor for me.
I personally believe that the relationships we create are at the heart of everything.
The more meaningful friendships we create the more at home we will feel.
Home for me is love, affection, and a safe place. This is what friendships should feel like.
A little reminder to all of us: don’t worry if you can’t make friends right away. It is more normal than you think.
Take your time to figure out what kind of people you want next to you.

You have fewer friends than you assume, but a little more than you know.

Hugo Von Hofmannsthal

Having said that, I hope you enjoy the feeling of meeting new people and rediscovering yourself at the same time. Your home will always be where the people you love are and you can have more than one home.

What would you say to yourself before moving in?

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