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The area around Stuttgart is one of Germany's strongest industrial regions. The city in the south of the country offers engineering students ideal conditions. This green city that nestles in a cauldron is the headquarters of numerous companies in the automobile industry, major corporations and many research institutes.


635,911 Inhabitants ¹

89,019 Students ²

14 Higher education institutions ²


Stuttgart lies in the south of Germany and is a magnet for international students of engineering. The construction and automotive industry as well as information technology and mechanical engineering play an important role in the area. Many famous German car brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche and major enterprises such as Bosch and Lenovo are based in Stuttgart. The city is also home to small and mid-sized companies, which have between ten and 500 employees and are often global market leaders in their industry. Renowned research and development institutions, including two and institutes of the are also headquartered here.

You can enjoy fantastic views of Stuttgart and the surrounding area from the television tower, which has a 216-metre-high viewing platform.

There are numerous museums and small galleries in Stuttgart. There is the big and a wide selection of technical museums is supplemented by a host of smaller exhibition venues. Stuttgart has lots of both in the city itself and in the surrounding area, where you can admire castles, churches and impressive architecture. In the Stadtpark, also called Unipark, students like to hang out in the summer when the weather’s good.

Stuttgart lies in an area known as „Schwabenland“, or Swabia, and the inhabitants are „Schwaben“, or Swabians. They are renowned not only for their diligence and frugality but also for their culinary specialties. The Swabian cuisine is simple and down-to-earth. „Spätzle“ (home-made noodles) and „Maultaschen“ (filled pasta cases) are especially popular. Pasta dishes are usually served with lots of sauce and offered in many variations.

Stuttgart is famous for the Cannstatter Wasen, Stuttgart’s version of the Munich Oktoberfest, which takes place on the main square. In the autumn, the people of Stuttgart refer to the festival simply as „Wasen“. A spring festival is held here in April.


A trip to the Birkenkopf, which is also referred to as „Monte Scherbelino“. From there, the sunset and view of the town are stunning.

Football plays a central role in Stuttgart. The city’s team VfB Stuttgart has a large fan base. Visiting the huge stadium full of enthusiastic football fans is always a very special experience.



Schlossplatz is in the city centre on Königstrasse. Young and old get together here to enjoy ice-creams and sit in the sun. From Schlossplatz, you’re soon in Schlosspark, a long green belt which passes through the town and ends with the Wilhelma zoo. Whether you sit in a beer garden, on the banks of the river Neckar in Bad Cannstatt or visit a café for an ice-cream – the people of Stuttgart generally like to meet outdoors.

Apart from parties organised by the different higher education institutions, there is a party mile on Theodor-Heuss-Strasse, where chic bars and clubs play house or pop music. Around the „Hans-im-Glück-Brunnen“ fountain near Rotebühlplatz, there are lots of different little bars and restaurants that attract crowds of young people.

The best way to get to know the Stuttgart mentality is to visit the small taverns. In a so-called Besenwirtschaft, a type of wine tavern which is only open at certain times of the year, you can get Swabian dishes and wonderful wines from the region. A popular motto among the Swabians is „Schaffe, schaffe, Häusle bauen“, literally meaning „Work hard, work hard, build a little house“. If you want to know what this is actually all about, it’s best to ask the locals over a pitcher of beer or a glass of wine in a „Besenwirtschaft“.


To enable you to find the right life/work balance, Stuttgart offers numerous recreational opportunities. Nature lovers are in their element in the nearby low-lying mountain ranges of the and Black Forest. In the summer you can go hiking there, in the winter skiing or snowboarding. Feldberg has good slopes for winter sports. Cycling is also a popular hobby in Stuttgart. Whether racing bike or mountain bike – if you like cycling, you’ll soon find like-minded friends.

One delightful winter highlight is the Christmas market in Esslingen, where you can treat yourself to a mug of hot, traditionally spiced mulled wine and enjoy a traditional German „Bratwurst“, or sausage.

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