In the middle of the city center is the Pappel lake, which many residents use to relax © Sebastian Rothe
Karlsruhe Castle© anro0002/wikicommons

Karlsruhe is one of Germany’s warmest cities and plays an important role in the German legal system. Its excellent research institutes, diverse recreational activities and creative potential make the city very appealing. Thanks to its international atmosphere, you can become acquainted with many different cultures.


312.060 Inhabitants ¹

35.821 Students ²

7 Higher education institutions ²


History and modernity come together in Karlsruhe. The Baroque castle “Carols Ruh” was built in the 18th century and is still a defining element in the structure of the city. All of the surrounding streets lead to the castle so that you can see it from every direction. The layout of the historic city centre looks like a fan from above. That’s why Karlsruhe is also known as the “Fan City”.


Yet Karlsruhe is also known as the “Internet capital of Germany”. The first e-mails in Germany were sent from Karlsruhe, which is the home of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Many people in Germany associate Karlsruhe with law and democracy. Two important legal institutions are headquartered in Karlsruhe – the German Federal Supreme Court and the German Federal Constitutional Court. Their significance is evident on the Platz der Grundrechte, situated between the castle and the marketplace on Karl-Friedrich-Strasse. There you will find plaques bearing statements on justice and injustice.


You should definitely try a “Flammkuchen”, a specialty of the region. It resembles a very thin-crusted pizza. You’ll find a large variety of “Flammkuchen” at restaurants in the city.

You’ll discover a pyramid in the middle of the marketplace. It marks the burial site of the city’s founding father, Markgraf Karl-Wilhelm. The Karlsruhe city hall is located at one end of the marketplace. It was completely rebuilt after being destroyed in 1944 during World War II. The plaza is intersected by Kaiserstrasse, the busiest shopping street in Karlsruhe with many shops and stores.



When the weather is nice – and you have good chances of that with some 140 days of sunshine per year – you can soak up some sun, for example, at the Botanical Garden at the castle or in the Stadtgarten. There you’ll find large lawns, beautiful plants and plenty of space to have a nice picnic. There’s also a zoo in the Stadtgarten which you can visit.

If you want something for your ears rather than your eyes, Karlsruhe is perfect for you. “” is an annual music festival featuring nationally and internationally renowned artists and a large accompanying programme. You can also enjoy live music at the “” and the “” at KIT once a year.


The interweaves art with technical innovations and topics of current interest. The centre is comprised of several museums and institutes. Not only does the ZKM hold regular exhibitions, but also offers lectures and workshops.

In the summertime, it’s very nice to sit outside the many restaurants on Ludwigsplatz.

How to find a room in Karlsruhe

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