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There’s something utterly beautiful yet melancholic about new beginnings and the life you’ve left behind knowing there’s no going back. Originating from a soulful country called Pakistan, I have endured prolonged years of struggling to fit in – fit in school, college, university and society. So, during my high school, I would find shelter at the library. I would skip classes to hide and hear the books whisper to me, giving me an open invitation to read the stories I’ve never lived. There was this tiny capsuled corner in the library comprising of old Urdu books no one would read. The place seemed like a closet, safe enough for one person. It became my home. I’d sit there all day digging into stories and began to dream big. All these stories I absorbed compelled me to write – for myself, for the stories I wanted to live. As I entered my University phase, I proceeded working on those dreams. I succumbed myself to education. With time, I grew fond of Germany’s quality of education and I wanted to reach there. Coming from a developing country, I heard opinions that screamed “you won’t make it” “these efforts won’t matter” “you’re aiming for Germany, but be aware it’s nearly impossible to continue studying there”. I never stopped. I adopted consistency with pure hearted faith. I counted days, months and years. After exactly a decade of struggle, consistency and patience, I can proudly say that I have, indeed, made it. Today, I am a gold medalist, a DAAD scholar and an achiever. After 4 months of staying in Germany, I have finally found myself, right where I needed to be all this time. Here, I am learning, growing and adapting at my own pace. To all the people who are trying to fit in somewhere, find your cozy capsuled spot and make it home. You’ll have stories to tell.

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