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The Scurrying Pace of Life

The pace of life is scurrying.

This generation is finding ways to shatter the hindrances of the previous generation with the awakening notion of ideas, norms, and mental structures. Cultural generation gaps occurs when the ideas and opinions are poles apart. With the stride of time, this generation is realising the hefty burden of their parents loitering upon them. The difference in understanding the phenomena is merely an edge to contemplate the demands of the social norms. Parents and grandparents foster the gravity of keeping the traditional benchmark alive. However, entering the fascination of a new social regime, this generation runs its course by drifting away from the traditional one.

In scenarios a many, parents jostle down their own dreams and goals unto their children binding them into a state of compromise and submissiveness. Consequently, the tread of time vexes them to respond insistently. Whereas, in other scenarios, children take shape opposing the strictness, unyielding steadily in hiding. This influences the household relationship, alienating children from their parents.

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Social norms have indeed changed for both, parents and children.


There is a dire need to bridge this gap that occurs within households. It rips families apart and leaves trauma embedded in the child for years, in order to prove being a perfect individual. The tiring loop of children proving to their parents that they can achieve and be successful at their own dreams is defined but with a thin line of leverage.

Generations of such demean have passed by. But the generation today has been exceeding expectations and winning at the conundrum of life. Social norms have indeed changed for both, parents and children. A dawn of new era has begun where parents appear to be encouraging and owning up to their children. These are the parents who struggled successfully to shatter the gap of generation and the relationship of their households.

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