Fact Sheet

First name: Alberto
Country of origin: Brazil
Year of birth: 1993
Field of study: Business Informatics
German university: Technical University of Munich
University location: Munich
Type of stay: Bachelor
I have been writing for the blog since: winter semester 2017/2018
My hobbies and interests: Photography, biking, hiking, programming

About Alberto 

Hello! My name is Alberto and I came to Germany to study business informatics at TUM. I’m from Brazil and want to finish my bachelor degree here in Germany. I’ve been in Munich for quite some time already and I love this city and the German culture. I love doing sports and biking and hiking in the mountains. I’m looking forward to show you what life is like in Germany and show you some of my favorite activities.

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View of building on Deggendorf town square
View of building on Deggendorf town square© DIT – Deggendorf Institute of Technology
Cheap living+15


#DanubeCity #GateToTheBavarianForest #CulinaryAndCultural

Munich skyline and the Alps © Rudolf Sterflinger
Munich skyline and the Alps© Rudolf Sterflinger
Federal State Bavaria


#CapitalBavaria #GermanMuseum #Oktoberfest

By the Donau River © Ruhland/DAAD
By the Donau River© Ruhland/DAAD
Federal State Bavaria+5


#VeniceOfBavaria #FortressOberhaus #CityWithThreeRivers

View of the towers of the Augsburg Basilica of St. Ulrich and Afra in the historic centre of the university city. © S. Kerpf/City of Augsburg
Sankt Ulrich and Afra© S. Kerpf/City of Augsburg


#FuggerCity #CathedralCity #CityofMozart

Statue in the courtyard of the Veste Coburg. © Sophie Nagel
Courtyard Veste Statue© Sophie Nagel
Central Germany+15


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Town Hall square © Bettina Ruhland
Town hall square © Bettina Ruhland
Federal State Bavaria+8


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