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My last days as a bachelor student in Germany

I came to Germany in 2018 without knowing where the road would lead me. After completing a German language course and my Studienkolleg, I enrolled at the University of Regensburg in 2020. Four years later, I am about to graduate with a bachelor's degree in political science.

Being an international student brings both challenges and joy. For me – and I think for many of the students who started their studies during the pandemic – it has been an unexpected adventure, from having most of the lectures online to getting lost on campus even at the end of the program.

That is why I still find it hard to believe, that I completed a bachelor’s degree in political science entirely in German. With my time as a student ending, this will be my last blog. So, I will try to share some tips on what to consider at the end of your final stage as an international student in Germany.

Regensburg University at night in winter, it snowed a lot.
Regensburg University at night in winter, it snowed a lot.© Angela
University of Regensburg in winter. It's very gray and foggy.
University of Regensburg in winter. It's very gray and foggy.© Angela

Things to consider when writing your thesis:

One of the steps towards your graduation is completing your thesis. Based on my experience, I recommend you start planning the semester in which you want to begin writing your thesis in advance. 

In Germany, you usually register your thesis after your supervisor has approved your research topic. Therefore, I recommend being very sure about the topic you want to work on. You may even want to think about it before you talk to your professor, perhaps compile some literature and write an introduction or a chapter. That will give you more confidence when you present the topic to your tutor and allow you to be more relaxed while writing your final project.

As you write your thesis, trust the process. Remember that you can ask your supervisor any questions you have about your research. Also, don’t forget to check the university’s deadlines and parameters for submitting your thesis, such as citation rules. This information is usually available on the university’s website.

Thesis cover
Thesis cover © Angela

After getting the results…

Once you have completed all the subjects of your degree, you can ask your university about the procedure for obtaining your diploma. Some universities will send it to you by post, while others will give you the option of collecting it from the university. The ex-matriculation process also varies from university to university. It is therefore advisable to find out about the deadlines well in advance, so that you have time to plan your future.

Uni Regensburg Folder
Uni Regensburg Folder© Angela

What about the future?

I wonder about that too. In my case, I don’t want to do a master’s right away because I want to take a break from studying and also because I want to gain more work experience. But if you plan to do a master’s after your bachelor’s, don’t forget to check the deadlines of the universities you want to apply to. You can even do this while you are writing your thesis.

Like me, if you plan to work: You can start looking for jobs that are relevant to your career. You can even apply for vacancies while you are writing your thesis. Don’t forget to ask about any visa changes you may need to make depending on your future plans.

Blogger Angela and her diploma. In the back of the picture is the University of Regensburg.
Blogger Angela and her diploma. In the back of the picture is the University of Regensburg.© Angela

To all the readers who are about to graduate or have already graduated, congratulations!

 To all those who are at the beginning of their studies or just starting their Studienkolleg, don’t worry; everything will be fine. Studying abroad has been a very fulfilling experience for me, not only because of the opportunities but also because of all the amazing people I’ve met and all the adventures I’ve had. I wish you all the best of luck at whatever stage you are, whether it is at the beginning, the middle or the end of this journey as an international student.

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