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Some magical places of Bavaria Part 1

The southern part of Bavaria is full of mountains and lakes, which makes the landscapes fascinating. Spending time getting to know these places allows you to breathe fresh air and learn more about German culture and history.

Since I moved to Bavaria to study at the university, I have had the opportunity to get to know some of the natural areas you can find in Germany.

If you like and enjoy nature and history, you will love to visit the places I am introducing to you.


The Chiemsee is the largest lake in Bavaria. This lake connects different islands and cities. But before describing them. I will explain to you how to get there.

I will take Munich Main Station (München Hauptbahnhof) as a starting point as it is one of the best-known stations in Bavaria. To get to Chiemsee you may take a one-hour train from Munich Main station to Priem am Chiemsee. That is the name of the city where the harbor is.

The view of the foggy Chiemsee from the promenade, you can see a boat in the water.
The view of the foggy Chiemsee from the promenade, you can see a boat in the water.@ Angela

What to expect on the boat tour?

I would describe it as a relaxing excursion because everywhere you look, you get to see the Bayerischen Alpen and the clear blue water. The ship makes different routes. The islands and towns it travels through are Herreninseln, Fraueninseln, Gstadt, Bernau, Übersee, Chieming, and Seebruck. This time  I was only able to visit the following places:


Here you get to see one of the castles of Prince Ludwig II. I would describe it as a movie castle. Both the statues and the fountains in the garden welcome you to the beautiful structure of the fort. However, the island is full of trees, especially the path that leads to the castle.


Here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the entire lake. The walk around the island also allows you to observe the beautiful houses of the locals. You also have the opportunity to see the church „Mariä Opferung.“


At the end, I was able to visit Gstadt. Here you also get an impressive view of the lake. As you walk through the city, you come across colorful houses and hotels. The landscape of this city reminded me of the coasts of my country because of the blue water and the resemblance it has to a seaport.

The tour of these three places took me the whole day. But if you are a fan of hiking and nature, you will surely enjoy it. If you are looking for a place to relax after exams, I  recommend Chiemsee. Although I haven’t seen the other cities that the tour offers,  I imagine that they also have inspiring landscapes.

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