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At the top of Germany

My last summer trip, before autumn started, allowed me to see one of the most incredible views I have seen in Germany so far. I was able to stand on top of Germany´s highest mountain called the "Zugspitze." If you find yourself traveling through southern Germany. It is a must-see place.


The route from München Hauptbahnhof (Munich- Central Station) to the small but beautiful town of Garmisch- Partenkirchen takes one hour by RB. Once you arrive there, you have two possibilities to get to the top:

If you are into Climbing this is the perfect place to practice it. Take your equipment, plan the trip with time and enjoy the magnificent view. But if you are like me and sports are not your thing. You can still enjoy this beautiful experience. In this case you may take two trains and a cable car, that will take you up the 2,962 km of the mountain. While you appreciate the landscapes and admire the nature. Once you are at the top, you can walk around the area with a breathtaking view in every direction you look.

The freedom you feel when you are at the top, so close to the sky, is just incredible.


The trip to the „Zugspitze“ is not only about the mountain. You can also explore the area of the „Eibsee.“ Which you can not only walk around while watching the sight, but you can also practice different sports like swimming or stand-up Paddling.

I would define this adventure as the perfect day trip because it is something a little out of the ordinary that offers you the chance to treasure the beauty of nature.

I never thought of Germany as a country full of mountains. But I’m thrilled to discover that I was wrong and that there are still places, landscapes, and adventures that I would enjoy visiting. If you have the chance to make this trip, do it. It will help you to clear your mind, will give you other perspectives. And will also fill you with inspiration.

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