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A place full of history

The city where I am studying at the university is called Regensburg. This city is a place full of beautiful spots and very historical corners. Although it is a small city with a university, a Hochschule and full of young life is not only a city to study. It is also a place full of life with many interesting sites to see. One of the most attractive sights besides the Donau River is the Walhalla. Here you can enjoy an incredible view of the whole city.

Monument in Regensburg
Monument in Regensburg© Angela


The Walhalla is not in the city center, but it takes less than 30 minutes to reach the historical memorial. From Regensburg’s Main station, you can take a bus in the direction of Walhallastraße. Once at the station-„Walhallastraße“ – you have to walk at least 15 minutes to reach the top of the hill, where the monument is to find. The way is full of nature, which makes it perfect to have a walking tour. So if you prefer to make the whole route by bike or go as described, walking,  you will have a great time, especially in summer.

Back view of the Walhalla
Back view of the Walhalla © Angela

What´s inside? 

The monument on the top of the hill is a memorial in the style of a Roman structure. However, inside it, you can find a museum full of busts of historic German personalities. The faces of the historical figures in the museum have not only contributed to their country. But also to the world with their ideas and thoughts. Although they are only busts, you get to feel inspired to see all the thinkers, writers, and founders like Einstein or Goethe in one place. Besides learning about history, you can also enjoy the view and the green areas. And also enjoy a relaxing time while watching the river Donau passing by. 

Other activities…. 

It is also an ideal place to take pictures, so I recommend that you bring your phone or camera with a full battery. It doesn’t matter if you go in summer or winter, the view is always amazing. And not only that but also the exchange of cultures you can find up there. You will not only learn more about German history and culture. You can also meet people from different countries as this monument is most of the time visited by tourists from different countries.

If you are near Regensburg one day, you should put this place in your list of places you must go. I would recommend you visit it as a day trip.

No matter how many times you go there. Or, if it is your first or fifth visit, you will never get tired of the view.

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