Different ingredients on one table
Different ingredients on one table© Shih-Hsuan

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Autumn is coming and the day is getting slowly shorter. An energizer is in urgent need! This food I want to present here is easy to prepare, easy to satisfy your brain, mind, and stomach, and easy to store. It just lasts and simmers without extra attention! All ingredients are easy to your access (cheap and common) in Germany. I’d keep this recipe in a casual, loose formula, so it can get more intuitive for you to do it or to do it creatively later in your own way 🙂

Ingredients: We have the sauce and the plant

The Sauce

5 spoons + 4 spoons +3 spoons

Oil         &  Vinegar   &  Honey

With a whisk, mix them properly into a little bit creamy and fluid state. This is a loose formula, maybe you want it to be more creamy, then put extra spoons of oil or honey (and it gets more sweeter). I am now cool with this 5-4-3 formula.


The Plant

a 1-kg pack of carrots

1. Peel all carrots and cut their heads and ends. Cut ALL of them into any mouthful-size cubes or slices  2. You really don’t have to care so much into details and finally lose patience in this stage with the mission to cus all the carrots. Cutting is a mindful work and this deserves your full awareness and engagement, so beware! find a good state-of-mind and timing for cutting these many carrots. 3. Find a big bowl and sprinkle 2 spoons of salt in the carrots, mix them properly with hands and leave it 5 – 7 minutes so to slightly dehydrate the carrots. Sieve the water after the dehydration.

1 or 2 oranges

You either clean and scrub the peel of your oranges so you feel alright to eat them, or just PEEL the oranges with peeler or knife. I did the latter. Find a way to save the juice and keep them well in the salad.

Mix the whipped sauce with all carrots. I love it when half of the carrots soaking in the sauce. So maybe you want to add an extra portion of the sauce-formula. Keep them in the fridge and eat them whenever you like. Or as a dish to bring to a brunch, or a small casual gift to your friends. I am curious how you think about this recipe, so leave your thoughts in the comment 🙂

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