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Just thirty minutes by train from Offenburg is Strasbourg, the capital city of the Grand Est region in France.

I remember the first time I walked out of the Strasbourg train station, which was in the winter, I was so pleased with what I saw – the city was delighting. Even though it was raining and snowing at the same time, and the temperature was extremely low, when walking for just 5 minutes felt like forever, I still found the city beautiful and my day there gorgeous. There were familiar brands and stores that were nowhere to be seen in Offenburg and that was exciting.

This time when I went again, the weather was just right. I like the city better at night than in the day. Something about the evening sky and street lights just makes the city more hypnotizing. Walking the streets of Strasbourg, you can’t help but notice, everyone is dressed up to reflect themselves and there’s a unique signature piece making up everyone’s outfit. In Offenburg, you don’t really see that.

I wish I could put down a list of must-see places in Strasbourg, but both times I was there I spent a considerable amount of time inside shopping malls. I guess because in Offenburg I can’t find a lot of the stores I would normally shop at, so I just take the opportunity to get what I’ve been wanting to. But the cathedral is, quite obviously, a must-see and is one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals in Europe.


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Hello Rumeng Nice little blog, I am also visiting Strasbourg this winter. Wanted to have an information if you can assist please. I will be visiting to Offenburg from Strasbourg. Do I need to purchase train ticket in advance or can I buy on spot?

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Hi Arka, it is possible to buy a train ticket from Strasbourg to Offenburg on the spot. You can even do so on the ticket machines. So I don't think it is necessary to purchase a ticket in advance. I wish you a nice trip and hope you will enjoy both cities! ◕◡◕

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Thank you! ◕◡◕

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You are right that Strasbourg is better at night than in the daytime. It is good that you share your experience with us here! I would also like to write my great experience to Cape Town!

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you know what you're talking about! Thanks

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