"Tempelhofer Feld"
"Tempelhofer Feld"© Candice

Tempelhofer Feld was once a military ground that was only opened to the public on weekends, and later on, was also an airfield. But in 2008, it was turned into one of the world’s largest recreational parks opened to the public daily from sunrise to sunset. It’s absolutely amazing. And it’s free!I love it because I just feel so free in this place. It’s a wonderful place to relax in and watch the hours go by – cloud watching, feeling the grass tickle the soles of your feet… The list of reasons why I love this place is endless.

The open field is also an amazing place to have a picnic, drink a couple of beers and hang out. Maybe even bring a Ukulele, since that’s what a friend and I did when we went for a picnic organized by our school for ERASMUS students. It was a great way to meet new people and connect with old ones! Also definitely stay to watch the sunset here – it’s spectacular.

"Tempelhofer Feld" during sunset
"Tempelhofer Feld" during sunset© Candice

You could also bring bicycles or roller blades there because the old runway makes for a really long trail! There are also barbecue pits and dog walking fields, although I’ve yet to check them out since this whole place is huge.

There are three entrances to Tempelhofer Feld, so definitely check which one you want to enter from, and if you’re planning on meeting someone there… Make sure you coordinate for the right entrance because once again, this place is huge, and the last time I went there for the school picnic, I forgot to check the entrance and we ended up walking for 30 minutes in the blazing hot sun to get from one end to the other!

Viel Spaß 😉


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