Candice from Singapore
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Fact Sheet

First name: Candice 
Country of origin: Singapore
Year of birth: 1996
Field of study: Communications and New Media
German university: Free University of Berlin
University location: Berlin
Type of stay: Bachelor
I have been writing for the blog since: March to July 2018
My hobbies and interests: Rollerblading, Swimming, Diving, Photography, Traveling

About Candice

Hello  I’m Candice from Singapore and I’m in Berlin for a one semester exchange program. I love adventure, and on days when I’m up for it, I wander around in search of new places, food or anything under the sun. Much of my time is also spent with friends and family because they are so precious and I truly believe in living in the moment! On certain occasions, I can also be found writing on my blog, or reading in a café. Also, I have a passionate love sharks, and I hope to one day dive amongst these amazing creatures!

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